Thursday, November 19, 2009

Targeting 1000Kms for 2009

See the ticker above? I only need 218.2Kms to reach 1000Km for 2009.

If only I logged all the runs that I did, I know I have reached 1000Kms already.

But.. what the heck. What's 200+Kms more.

I plan to accomplish my 1000K on Sir Jovie's RIZAL DAY RUN on Dec 30.

I'm doing this post to remind me of the distances I have to run and days when I will run.

20K 21-Nov SAT (Pojie's bday Run?)
10K 22-Nov SUN
10K 24-Nov TUE
10K 26-Nov THU
10K 28-Nov SAT
3K 30-Nov MON (McDonalds Run)
5K 2-Dec WED
5K 4-Dec FRI
56K 6-Dec SUN (Km0 to Km56)
5K 9-Dec WED
5K 11-Dec FRI
5K 13-Dec SUN
5K 15-Dec TUE
5K 17-Dec THU
20K 20-Dec SUN
5K 22-Dec TUE
5K 24-Dec THU
5K 27-Dec SUN
30K 30-Dec WED (Rizal Day Run)

Not really your typical running / training schedule. But I think that will do...

Good luck sa akin...


  1. true not your usual training schedule, hehehehe.

    pero kakayanin mo yan, just don't overdo it baka ma strain ka, madami pang runs sa 2010. :)

    good luck sa plan.

  2. Jun
    marami kasing short distances... hehehe.. kaya unusual. =D

  3. looks easy...for you! :D good luck, dude. :)

  4. wow sir rod !

    goodluck ! & advance congrats to the 1,000km runners :D


  5. Marky
    sir ka jan... dapat KING! wehehehe

    tnx bro!

  6. Ang tipid naman sa takbo. Ikaw ba yan?

  7. Neil
    Shhhh.... (mahirap mag-sched eh. year-end...)

  8. kainggit naman sked mo! akin sporadic at intermittent! hehehe!

  9. Ronald
    pilit na pilit na yan bro... para mahabol lang ang 1000K. =D

  10. King of the ROD! :)

    yan ha king na hehehe :)

    Marky_mark :)

  11. hi, can you please give more info on this > Sir Jovie's RIZAL DAY RUN on Dec 30

    looks like a good way to end the running year. TIA.

  12. Hi! You can inquire directly through email at


    during weekend races. Just look for their table with the Team Bald Runner banner.

    Cheers! =D