Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Your Garmin just died... Now what?!?

Bummer... I've been searching the net for authorized service centers here in Manila. No such luck... =(

But for the MacGyver in us, there's always hope.
And I found a site on how to dismantle a Garmin. Eeekkk!!!
And hopefully help in knowing its components. =)

Here's the link:

Dismantle the Garmin Forerunner 205

I've never tried it as I have no Garmin to dismantle.
So... use at your own risk!!!

Do take note that the battery is soldered. If you plan to replace the battery, it needs to be de-soldered first.

Btw... MacGyver just called. He said, If you happen to own a messed up Garmin, give him a holler. I think he has some hope for you.


Monday, November 23, 2009

What's in the box???

A new pair of running shoes? A GPS watch? A CWX or SKINS??? World peace?!? End to hunger?!?

Can't wait!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Targeting 1000Kms for 2009

See the ticker above? I only need 218.2Kms to reach 1000Km for 2009.

If only I logged all the runs that I did, I know I have reached 1000Kms already.

But.. what the heck. What's 200+Kms more.

I plan to accomplish my 1000K on Sir Jovie's RIZAL DAY RUN on Dec 30.

I'm doing this post to remind me of the distances I have to run and days when I will run.

20K 21-Nov SAT (Pojie's bday Run?)
10K 22-Nov SUN
10K 24-Nov TUE
10K 26-Nov THU
10K 28-Nov SAT
3K 30-Nov MON (McDonalds Run)
5K 2-Dec WED
5K 4-Dec FRI
56K 6-Dec SUN (Km0 to Km56)
5K 9-Dec WED
5K 11-Dec FRI
5K 13-Dec SUN
5K 15-Dec TUE
5K 17-Dec THU
20K 20-Dec SUN
5K 22-Dec TUE
5K 24-Dec THU
5K 27-Dec SUN
30K 30-Dec WED (Rizal Day Run)

Not really your typical running / training schedule. But I think that will do...

Good luck sa akin...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 Seconds on TV at PIM + 2 uleettttt...

Well... I actually saw this in the news. My wife and I waited for it. And waited... and waited... and waited.... zzZZZzzz.... *NgOrk*

Then it was flashed.

My wife asked... "San ka dun???"

I answered... "Malay ko..."

I know I saw me, but that's for only 2 sec or less...

When I searched for the same video in YouTube, this is what I captured:


And another...

ME & CHIZCAKE (lady in pink)

Here's the complete video:

Don't blink... =P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TIMEX RUN Photo Contest

Here's a challenge to all running and photography enthusiasts...


I. Eligibility

1) The contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers.

2) All entries must be taken during the competition period and must be published. Participants may use any digital or film-based camera. Entries must be printed in full color on any brand of photo paper in 8R size (8 inches x 10 inches).

3) Manually retouched and/or painted over print outputs are not allowed. Digital retouching on density, contrast adjustments, minor cropping, burning, and dodging may be tolerated, although major manipulation of main images through adding or subtracting are not allowed

4) Creative effects done within the camera at the time of exposure e.g. multiple exposures, flash fill, lighting, filtration, etc. are allowed.

5) Multiple entries are allowed. Participant may only win once and will take the higher prize.

II. Criteria for Judging

25% Impact
• The photo clearly captures the attention of the viewer

25% Creativity
• Originality, freshness of approach

25% Composition
• A pleasing balance exists among all components of the composition

25% Print quality
• The absence of blemishes, scratches, overly enlarged and pixilation

Total 100%

III. Breakdown of prizes

1st – P 5,000 + Timex Watch

2nd – P 3,000 + Timex Watch

3rd – P 2,000 + Timex Watch

4th and 5th – Timex Watch consolation Prizes

IV. Deadline of Submission of Entries: November 25, 2009

Entries must be submitted in the following format:

• Published Photo mounted on illustration board ( black side up)
• At the back of the entry ( white side), write name of photographer, address, mobile number and entry title.
• Submit your entries at:

Newtrends International Corporation
2254 Kampri Bldg
Pasong Tamo Street
Makati City, Philippines

Attention: Timex Run Photo Contest

Paging Doc Marvs, Argo, Ace, Pio, Patrick... madami kayo eh... sali na!!! =D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running Thoughts To Ponder: TRAFFIC

Have you ever run a race that passes through a stretch of road that is almost vehicle-free? That's a rare sight to behold. Well, at least for us running the race. That's what might we think.

But have you ever wondered how road races affect many non-runners lives?

I got a glimpse of that reality when I took part Takbo.Ph's / Reinier Pacific support group for the MILO National Finals.

The group was stationed near the Gil Puyat Ave.(Buendia) / Pasong Tamo crossing. I was trying to check where I can be of help to the support group. And since there was a lot of us who volunteered that day, Que and I tried to control the support group because some of us were blocking the race path already.

literal na nakaharang sa daan

After that, I glanced at the intersection and saw that there was only 1 Police and 1 MILO personnel controlling the traffic. Where were the other MILO peeps in the area? Uhmnnn... nevermind...

So, I tried to help.

That's when I realized that races are not only a hazard to the runners but also a nuisance to the non-running public, especially those who work even on Sundays.

trapik na buhol-buhol, oras mo'y magagahol...

Even the recent QCIM was a traffic nightmare. A co-employee even got her very first late during this race. She has to walk from INC Commonwealth to TriNoma. Talk about bummer.

sing with me!!! all single ladies!!!

Why is it a hazard to the runners?

If vehicular traffic is not properly controlled, this could cause injuries to the runners as they may get bumped by vehicles.

I was a volunteer during the MILO National Finals, but I almost got bumped by a jeepney when I tried to block its path to have a pack of runners pass through that intersection.

Hoy!!! Muntik na ako ha!!! Ninerbiyos tuloy ako!!!

Why is it a nuisance?

It causes traffic problems. It affects all non-running peoples time. It affects businesses.

Imagine... being late for work or an important appointment because a race is being held?

Can this be controlled?

Of course this can be controlled. Organizer should post an advisory about the race at least 7 days before race day. Post traffic advisory daily for 7 days especially on the race route itself. Post traffic advisory for 7 days on newspapers and tabloids. Especially tabloids... as these are being read more by drivers. Put the advisory on the front page or back page, not on some page number, column number and row number. Put it where it can be seen! Easier said than done? Yes, I know. But the organizer should step up and do something about it.

Now, this coming 11.08.2009. It's Philippine International Marathon time. And based on the 42K race route detail, it's going to pass a lot of bridges and major roads. Hopefully, traffic will be controlled.

I don't know if traffic advisory was released... I haven't seen any.