Saturday, March 28, 2009


1. A robber, especially one who robs at gunpoint
2. An outlaw; a gangster.
3. One who cheats or exploits others.
4. Slang A hostile aircraft, especially a fighter aircraft.
(taken from The Free Dictionary)

I've never thought that such word is used in running. I thought that it's okay to run the race route with official runners even though you did not register.

I still think it is okay, but only for the following reasons:

1. If the race is not a trail. Meaning, it is spacious for a large number of runners.
2. If the race is done where anybody can run/jog/walk. (you're normal.)
3. You don't position yourself at the starting line ahead of everybody else. (on second thought...)
4. You don't run like crazy when the gun is fired. (pulis!!!)
5. You don't stop at water stations to get a free drink, power bar or anything that they give. (pulis!!!!)
6. You don't get strings (faster officer!!!!)
7. You don't run crazy towards the finish line and overtake official runners because you have a PR to beat. (darn it... guard!!!!!!!)
8. You don't fall in line to get the medal, the certificate, the freebies. (ay naketch... ako na nga!!!!!)

I haven't done it, to run as a bandit that is. Ano kaya ang feeling? Hmmmnnn...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mission Accomplished... well almost...

It was a fun and festive mood earlier today at The Fort area. The Condura Run 09, Skyway Run For The Whale Sharks; conceptualized by the running Concepcion brothers Patrick and Ton (first name basis kami... close)

I have no target finishing time, since it was my first 21k race. I just want to have fun, run at the SkyWay and finish the race injury free.

I arrived early. I was there before 5:00am hoping to have time to warm-up. Before I was able to dress-up and check-in my bag, I went to the portalet to relieve myself.

As soon as I came out of the portalet, the Philippine National Anthem was being played. Ang sarap ng feeling, parang basketball championship.

10 mins before the race started, I again went to the portalet. Which was a good thing because I don't want to go and pee during the race. (conservative ako eh) =)

ganyan kahaba ang pila sa portalets

The race started at exactly 5:30am. Check the route below (Natz, I grabbed this from your blog. Thanks!... as if babasahin ni Natz blog ko.... hahahahaha)

si pojie, pao, red, chelly & tim...

just crossed ayala/buendia intersection
hanapin nyo yun bading... hint, hindi ito naka-itim. hehehe... joke lang

just entered the SkyWay minus the bading... joke ulit...

It was a nice feeling, when we reached the top of the SkyWay. Ibang klase ang high!

Skyway, going back to Buendia.

Office namin...

I also captured videos while running on the SkyWay. Inom muna kayo bonamine, baka biyahilo kayo.

After coming down from the SkyWay to Buendia, it was all business for me.

1K more before the finish line, I removed my earphones and tucked it in my singlet.
Then I started to pray. I prayed St. Benedict's prayer. For some reason, St. Benedict's prayer works for me. I already witnessed it's power. If you want to learn more about it, google it. ;)

Teka... tayo ka nga muna... lakad ka ng konti. Wala lang, baka nahilo ka sa video eh. Concern lang ako.

Okay ka na? Let's continue...

takbo rod... takbo!!!

o ha... gumagalaw no... thanks josiah for the pics!!!

When I crossed the finish line, the first thing that I wanted to do was sit down and not move for a while. I was planning to have the Condura shirt signed by the runners specially from the guys but I was so wasted. I wasn't even that active in the picture takings. *tissue please... nose-bleed*

Unofficialy, I finished the race in 2hr31min. We're still waiting for the official results. Update... official time is 2hr30min17secs!!! Pictures muna!!!

some of the peeps
thank you sa lahat ng orig na may-ari ng pics! i heart you all!!!

gradwit na ako!!! balik ulit sa 5k!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Do. Or do not. There is no try" - Master Yoda

Actually the quote goes, "No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try." Yoda said to Luke while Yoda was teaching Luke the ways of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back).

Master... gusto ko pa ng CHOCO MUCHO....

For a newbie runner like me, this is something that I live by every running day.

Sleep early the night before, I should. So to wake up early the next morning, I could.
Where to run, I'd be contemplating. How far I should or could go, in running that is.
Should I wear what shirt? Should I wear what shoes?

- Master Rod

Mahirap pala gayahin si master yoda... hehehee

March 8, 2009 5:00am TAKBO.PH's LSD
I was early at BHS in front of ROX. Mar (Pojie) was there when I arrived. Soon, TAKBO.PH's loggers came one-by-one.

By 5:30am, we started to run. As I hadn't have enough sleep the night before, it feels like I was dragging my feet. I was already thinking that I might not finish the 21k target.

You see, the longest run I had was only 10k and this was in my very first race. The next races, I just joined the 5k. But I tried... no, no try pala sabi ni master yoda. What I did was to focus on the running. Yes, "FOCUS" is the magic word.

That could also be the magic word from master yoda to luke, when master yoda was telling luke to lift his ship from the quicksand using his mind. anodaw?!?

It's hard. But once you put your mind into it, kahit gaano pa katigas yan. We might fail on our first try (eh kasi nga wag TRY... dapat DO... adik?!?). Again... We might fail on our first do. (angfanget pakingan)

But by failing we also learn.

Ika nga ni pareng Jordan. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
Maniwala kayo sa sinasabi ko... at bumili kayo ng sapatos ko...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm sorry... i got stinky... i got dirty... but see... I LEARNED!

This piece was originally posted in my friendster account. Some parts were edited and improved? I think... hheheeee..

When I was a teenager, there will be only one place you'll find me when I'm not at home. Sa basketball court. :) Tatay even enrolled me in MILO B.E.S.T. clinics every summer vacation and I completed the 4 levels plus the refresher course.

I was so passionate about basketball. The dribbling, passing, shooting, and specially running. Yes, running and I was one of the fastest kid in our place.

Running was one of the things that the doctor ordered to get rid of my asthma. And from where I grew up, the only place I can run is at the basketball court. Our maid will always get angry with me when I got home from playing basketball. Because I always wear my white sando playing basketball and it will really get dirty.

After I got married, I still played basketball and joined basketball leagues. At the village, at work, wherever I'm invited. No, I'm not wearing white sando's anymore. White t-shirt na. And it's my wife who gets angry. Hehehe

But there came a point when the passion just faded. I still shoot hoops from time to time but no more full basketball games, no more running. Most of the time, I'd be in front of the computer.

Sometime June 2008
One of my office mate encouraged me to join runs. She told me to try it first on a treadmill, and even invited me as her guest at Fitness First, Ayala. Why not, try lang naman.

When I arrived at the gym, I was expecting that I will do some stretching first. But no. I was accompanied straight to the treadmill and the distance was setup to 10K. I said to myself, kayang-kaya.

I was wrong.

Reaching the 1st 2K, I was already panting. I was trying to remember things I learned playing basketball games non-stop without water when I was younger. Then suddenly I felt numb. I ran, I walked, I ran, I walked. No pauses, no stops. I changed the speed of the treadmill from 6.5kph to 11.5kph alternately. But I did not stop to take a breather. When I reached 10K, the timer read 82mins.

I can do this. I said to myself.

Days later... I signed up for my very first run, that is the RUSH TO INFINITY (BIB#780) for 10K.

June 29, 2008. 05:30am Lessons Learned

I arrived at THE FORT for the RUSH TO INFINITY. As a newbie, I suddenly felt I wasn't dressed for the occasion. I was wearing a cotton shirt and a jogging pants. Good thing I have my cap to cover my face from shame. Lesson number 1. See me? :)

I was looking for my office mate, so that I'll have someone to talk to. But I couldn't find her. Until the announcer said that 15k run is about to start. Different distance pala, usually start on different times. Lesson number 2.

And so, I readied myself for the start of the 10k run. Trying to blend in by stretching my legs and trying to do what the other runners do. Then we're off. Nearing the first water station, the newbie me passed up to hydrate. Newbie mistake... I was thirsting for water for the next kilometers. Lesson number 3.

I finished the race and clocked in at 1hr15min, according to the timer at the finish line. Better than my treadmill time. Although at RUNRIO.COM, my time is listed at 1:28:09. Which Coach Rio admitted that there were errors on the time. So, i shouldn't expect very accurate race results every time. Lesson number 4.

So much for my first run. I'm not one of the elite runners... yet. Hehehehe. But I don't care. What is important is that, I learned and it has awaken something inside of me. And I don't wear whites anymore during runs. :)