Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mission Accomplished... well almost...

It was a fun and festive mood earlier today at The Fort area. The Condura Run 09, Skyway Run For The Whale Sharks; conceptualized by the running Concepcion brothers Patrick and Ton (first name basis kami... close)

I have no target finishing time, since it was my first 21k race. I just want to have fun, run at the SkyWay and finish the race injury free.

I arrived early. I was there before 5:00am hoping to have time to warm-up. Before I was able to dress-up and check-in my bag, I went to the portalet to relieve myself.

As soon as I came out of the portalet, the Philippine National Anthem was being played. Ang sarap ng feeling, parang basketball championship.

10 mins before the race started, I again went to the portalet. Which was a good thing because I don't want to go and pee during the race. (conservative ako eh) =)

ganyan kahaba ang pila sa portalets

The race started at exactly 5:30am. Check the route below (Natz, I grabbed this from your blog. Thanks!... as if babasahin ni Natz blog ko.... hahahahaha)

si pojie, pao, red, chelly & tim...

just crossed ayala/buendia intersection
hanapin nyo yun bading... hint, hindi ito naka-itim. hehehe... joke lang

just entered the SkyWay minus the bading... joke ulit...

It was a nice feeling, when we reached the top of the SkyWay. Ibang klase ang high!

Skyway, going back to Buendia.

Office namin...

I also captured videos while running on the SkyWay. Inom muna kayo bonamine, baka biyahilo kayo.

After coming down from the SkyWay to Buendia, it was all business for me.

1K more before the finish line, I removed my earphones and tucked it in my singlet.
Then I started to pray. I prayed St. Benedict's prayer. For some reason, St. Benedict's prayer works for me. I already witnessed it's power. If you want to learn more about it, google it. ;)

Teka... tayo ka nga muna... lakad ka ng konti. Wala lang, baka nahilo ka sa video eh. Concern lang ako.

Okay ka na? Let's continue...

takbo rod... takbo!!!

o ha... gumagalaw no... thanks josiah for the pics!!!

When I crossed the finish line, the first thing that I wanted to do was sit down and not move for a while. I was planning to have the Condura shirt signed by the runners specially from the guys but I was so wasted. I wasn't even that active in the picture takings. *tissue please... nose-bleed*

Unofficialy, I finished the race in 2hr31min. We're still waiting for the official results. Update... official time is 2hr30min17secs!!! Pictures muna!!!

some of the peeps
thank you sa lahat ng orig na may-ari ng pics! i heart you all!!!

gradwit na ako!!! balik ulit sa 5k!!!


  1. bro! sino ung character ko? hahaha di ko kilala

    ang kulit! hahaha

  2. PULA! akala ko naman totoong pre race pic hahahaha ;) panalo, ako ung french fries hahaha

  3. Rod! Bakit mo grab yung mapa? May bayad yan! joke lang bro, no problem :-)

    Of course binabasa ko lahat ng blogs ng, tayo-tayo lang naman, dapat supportahan tayo. hehehe.

    Ok tong blog mo bro, nakakatuwang basahin. Napapangiti ako, kasing saya sya ng race mismo!


  4. Hi Rod. Great blog! The pics are awesome and even some of the runners I know. The best pic was of you finishing! Awesome. Take care my friend and have a good weekend!

  5. Natz!
    binasa mo blog ko?!? *sniffle* naiyak naman ako. hehehehe. thanks & God bless, bro!

    that was a great shot, isn't it? i give credit to thephotorunner for that. i don't know him personally yet, but he sure knows how to take great pictures. thanks for visiting my blog!
    take care & God bless!

  6. wow! mantakin mo.. binasa ni Natz yung blog mo. hahaha... ano pre, pa novena ba ako.. big time parekoy! :)

    Seriously speaking, I had fun reading your blog... Congrats on your 21k run.

    Potek! wala akong masabing matino kapag kaw kausap ko.. :P

    gLamOuRoSa :)

  7. chelly!
    oo nga eh. naiiyak nga ako pag naaalala ko. *snif* ayan na naman... naiiyak na naman ako. *tissue please*
    hehehe... i'm glad you had fun reading my blog... you know. ala pacquiao

  8. Parekoy! payag ako ng full mary sa october basta suot ko costume ni susie....pwede rin si Jollibee kya lang pag-iisipan ko pa...mukang mabigat ang pak-pak e :)

  9. david!
    hahahaha! ang target namin ni timmy makapag-skins, bro! para bakat ala zorro!

  10. Congrattions on the Great run. thank you. and very nice blog you have. regards - patrick concepcion / runningshield

  11. MR PATRICK?!?
    My veggies... you read my blog?!?
    Hope to meet you in person and have pictures with you.
    Thank you, Sir! =)