Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why do I Run? Because my Nanay told me to...

Yes, my Nanay (mother) told me to run.

Because she was not used to seeing me around the house on weekends doing nothing.
Because she was not used to see me in my room in front of the computer practically all day on weekends.
Because if I wasn't in front of the computer, I'd be sleeping.
Because she told me that I'm getting fat.

And, if it wasn't for Nanay telling me to run. I'd probably be dead. Seriously...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why do I Run? I want to wear a size M shirt!!!

I was suppose to comment on Takbo.Ph thread with the same question... and since it will have a 3 part story, it will take a lot of space. So, I decided to put it in my blog instead.

So... Why do I run?

I was overweight for so many years and I need to find an outlet.

No, I was never obese before like my Takbo.Ph brother Dave Viray. But I want to shed pounds, have a leaner body, to feel great and to feel good in a size M shirt.

Next month (June) will be my 1st year anniversary in running.

I think I'm almost there in having a leaner body. People who knew me and saw me with bulges now tells me, "You lost weight. Are you on a diet?" or "your shirt looks nice on you". I always smile back at them and say "takbo tayo?".

And YES... I have shed pounds, I feel great and I feel good in a size M shirt.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

M.O.V.E. Manila Run 09


Thank you to Melissa Zamuco-Mercado, MD for this info.

The M.O.V.E. Advocacy of PARM
A PARM Visayas Council Initiative
"Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind.
For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous." Luke 14:13-14

The Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM), established in 1974, is composed of medical doctors called physiatrists, specialized and trained in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. This year, PARM launches in Manila, the “M.O.V.E. – Making Ourselves Vigilant to Exercise” Advocacy, which combines a run for exercise awareness in the community, with a fundraising activity for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), known as the PARM F.U.N.D. (Fund for the Upliftment of the Needy Disabled). Through this, PARM is able to provide for the rehabilitation and wellness needs of our indigent Filipinos.

The Run, called “M.O.V.E. Manila Run 09”, is scheduled this July 19, 2009, Sunday, at 5:00 in the morning, at the U.P. Diliman grounds. This caps the nationwide celebration of the 31st National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. This is the first time we are taking the Run to Manila, having had the first 3 benefit runs in the Visayas (Cebu & Bacolod). This year, we expect a good number of wheelchair athletes to participate in the event.

We invite everyone to support this worthwhile cause either by participating and/or sponsoring a wheelchair athlete(s) to participate in the Run.

We hope that you can be part of the PARM M.O.V.E. Advocacy. Let us all support the plight of our disabled brothers and sisters.

“M.O.V.E. Manila Run”
19 July 2009 Sunday 5AM UP Diliman
Supporting the PARM Fund for the Upliftment of the Needy Disabled
and the PARM-PMA Charity Rehab Clinic

MEDALS and Gift Prizes will be awarded to Top 3 Finishers for all categories of 5K & 10K races.

REGISTRATION FEES (inclusive of a race singlet and number)
  • P250.00 for 2.2K
  • P300.00 for 5K
  • P350.00 for 10K
Please contact:
  • Thumbie O. Remigio: 09156872380/
  • Dr. Renald T. Ramiro: 09173209198 /
  • Dr. Melissa Z. Mercado: 09194138852 /
  • The UP Bikers Tambayan. Beside the kiosk near the UP Diliman AS parking lot and in front of the Faculty Center. Look for Christian: Mobile # 09195116929
  • Club 650 Sports Center. 150 E. Rodriguez Jr Ave (Libis), Quezon City. Tel # 6370650, Fax # 6311356
  • The PARM Office. Room 808-810 Future Point Plaza 1, 112 Panay Ave, Quezon City. Look for Lei or Jane: Tel # 4159048 or 4101597
  • UP-PGH Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine. Taft Ave, Manila. Look for Dr. Jec dela Cruz: Mobile # 09178355532 or Dr. Mayla Tee: Mobile # 09178440380; Tel # 5218450 loc 2411 / 2403
  • Makati Medical Center Dept of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Amorsolo St, Makati City. Look for Apol or Ruel: Tel # 8888951
  • Or deposit your registration fee at BDO Anonas-Kamias Branch Acct # 3988006417 with Account name “PARM MOVE” then fax your Deposit Slip and Registration Form to Fax # 4159048 or 4101597

Click HERE to download registration form or visit

PUMA!!! aylavet!!!

As I was surfing the net looking for a running shoe that is light and comfortable. I stumbled upon this PUMA RS100 Injex - Injected Foam Sneaker. And I'm drooling...

I haven't seen this model in PUMA Stores here in Manila. But I sure do hope that it will be available here soon!!!

According to it's website...

"This incredibly lightweight, foam-injected runner from Puma is an immaculate sample of efficiency and style. Add to that the vast array of customization options, including seven different colors, and there you have the best of this year’s offerings so far. Light as a feather, swift as a cheetah, there’s every chance that the owner of this one will begin to ride the wind even before he’s aware of it. This pair is perfect whether you’re walking, jogging, or even running a marathon."

Looking at the pictures, it's a one piece shoe and it doesn't need laces. I don't know if it will withstand the torture of running. But for a tag price of $35 USD, I don't mind torturing it a little bit.

And it comes in 7 colours, is very lightweight and cushioned.

The PUMA RS100 Injex is available direct from PUMA (search "Injex").

Do I here Crocs purrrring?

Friday, May 22, 2009

RUN, RUN, For Children's Fun

Bulilit... bulilit.. sanay sa masikip...

Now, here's a race I don't want to miss...

It's a charity event for the restoration of the Kid's Play Room / Cancer Department of the East Avenue Medical Center.

Registered runners in this event will get a FINISHER T-SHIRT and LIVESTRONG WRISTBAND!!! Nice!!!

1st & 2nd placers of each race category will get a GC/Item/Medal
3rd placers of each race category will get a GC/Medal


Raffle Prices that includes:
  1. Roundtrip ticket to Honolulu Hawaii
  2. Roundtrip ticket to Hong Kong
  3. 2 Roundtrip tickets to Macau (via Clark)
  4. Roundtrip ticket to Cebu
  5. 2 $200 Airfare Ticket Discount Voucher to any US Destination
  6. 2 Nights hotel accommodation for 2 with breakfast in Bangkok
  7. Overnite room with breakfast for 2 in Pan Pacific Hotel
  8. Overnight room for 2 at Manila Peninsula
  9. Overnight accommodation for 2 in Boracay
  10. Lunch or Dinner for 2 at SPIRAL Restaurant in Sofitel Hotel
And check this out... ALL REGISTERED RUNNERS are qualified to WIN the RAFFLE!!! Whether you are PRESENT or ABSENT during the event!!! wooohooo!!!
Just don't lose your RACE BIBS as this serves as your raffle ticket.

Assembly Time (AT) and Gun Start (GS) are as follows:

  • 10K : (AT) 5:40am (GS) 6:00am
  • 5K: (AT) 5:50am (GS) 6:15am
  • 3K: (AT) 6:10am (GS) 6:30am
You can download the registration form HERE!!! And submit it at Mizuno BHS & Trinoma, ROX, Second Wind Running Store and PTAA (Tel 552.00.27 to 29 look for Mike Alayon).

Below are the maps... go ahead click on it:

Bata!!! Takbo tayo!!! =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

another "AHA!!!" moment?!?

Yes, just when I thought that I already imparted a crazy idea that could revolutionize runs. Another one came up.

But, I'm still thinking about it if I really have to impart this "next" idea of mine.

It's very close to the HYDRATION TIPS post, that's why I'm still having second thoughts.

Decisions... decisions...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hydration Tips for Race Organizers

An "AHA!!!" moment came up to me the other day.

While reading different running blogs about their not so great experience during BOTAK PAA-RUSA... este BOTAK PAA-TIBAYAN race. I asked myself, how the *#!& does these race organizers compute how much they would spend on the hydration of a race???

BALDRUNNER gave me a very clear idea about it in his blog post. Thanks, General!!!

But maybe, some race organizers feel like not really spending for the runners hydration.


What if I tell you that my "AHA!!!" moment will cost race organizers less than 2,000 petot per 500 runners?

What if I tell you that my "AHA!!!" moment has a very PINOY feel into it?

Will you give me a hug if and when you see me? :)

Okay.. enough with the suspense... pati ako na-e-excite...

Kids... I present to you the good old fashioned yet very effective...


it's iced tubig, you know???

Don't laugh... I'm serious about it.

If you saw me carrying an Iced Tubig during that race, you might have traded your I-pod for it.

Okay then, maybe not.

I'll just slow down and wait for you to collapse. And then I'll get your I-pod... and your shoes... =)

Just kidding...

But think about it. This will save you the hassle of pouring water on cups during races. Less mess. You just have to half fill them with water before the race. Position them at water stations before the race starts. Water you get from wherever, we runners don't care.

But then again you have sponsors for these, right? You can even put Gatorade or PowerAde or Rush or VitWater, you know?!?

And you just have to fill half of it, so that it will be easy to hold. And light enough to throw at them hecklers.

The only problem is the te-ma-arts.

te-ma-arts: Ewwwww... what's that? You think i'll drink from that yucky plastic tubig?
rod.runner: Ay lech... dagukan kita diyan eh.

Now for the computation. Get your pens & papers... this will get intense.

Let's make an example based on a full marathon which will need 20 water stations.

So if you have the following:

num_of_runners = 500
num_of_stations = 20

cost_of_plastic = P10/100 pcs
cost_of_plastic = P0.1 per piece (based on Aling Loleng's tindahan sa corner)

num_of_container = num_of_runners * num_of_stations
num_of_container = 500 * 20
num_of_container = 10,000

total_cost = num_of_container * cost_of_plastic
total_cost = 10,000 * P0.1
total_cost = P1,000

See?!? P1,000 lang!!!

How many registrants does it take to come up with P1,000?!?!

But please, if in case this will be considered. Don't put Iced Tubig in the freebies.

Okay now... where's my hug? *tissue please... nosebleed*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's going to be a crazy day...

I don't want to sound like a fortune-teller. But I think 05/10/2009 will be a crazy race day.

Have you seen the BOTAK PAA-TIBAYAN map? Specifically the routes for the 21k and 42k? Those are craaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy routes, man.

I hope that the race organizer has done their assignments real well. Marshalls should be well oriented. Water stops should be adequate & well manned. Medical facilities should be in place. Traffic should be, well... dealt with accordingly. Some people do work on a sunday. :)

And how about the weather? I don't know if "EMONG" has left the P.I., but this past weeks weather was craaaazzzzzyyyy. And according to CNN weather, it's going to rain tomorrow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

And last... I read from more than a couple of running groups that they'll go renegade on this race. And they are inviting people to join them. Craaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyy....

What I fear here is the cut-off time for the 42k runners. I don't know if there was a discussion about it. Because in the Condura Run, this was cleared at least a week before the race. I think I see a lot of complaints after this race though. =(

Will I run tomorrow even if it rains? It's a YES!

Will I run on the said routes? Maybe... :)

Will I go bandit? Hmmnnnn......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Family That Runs Together, Stays Together...

It's our nth wedding anniversary last May 3, 2009. And what a good way to celebrate by asking my wife & kids to run the "Southern Race ATC Fun Run" with me. Which, by the way is also a good excuse so that my wife will let me run on that day. :)

It was my wife & kids first official race, and also our first as a family.

Although it was just a 3K race for me, seeing my kids being enthusiastic and talking about outrunning each other made it challenging.

Challenging, because I have to make the extra effort of not letting them out of my sight, my wife included. I just told them to stay close as possible.

We woke up at around 4:00am and by 4:45am we were on the road.

We arrived at ATC at least 20 mins before the start of the 10K race. I saw the guys from and exchange hi's & hello's.

There was more time for a little pep talk to my kids. Which I think they did not listen. Hehehehe...

l-r: nikki, justin, jade, johann, paolo

i would just like to remind you to...
please... do not run like crazies at the start...

please... (nagmakaawa bigla... wehehehe)

parang di ko gusto mga tingin nyo...

inside AAV

mudra... 4 yang anak mo.. nsan na yun 2?

After more than 1K, Paolo my eldest son was way ahead of us. I have to leave my wife & 3 kids for the meantime and run ahead to catch up with Paolo.

I caught up with Paolo around 2K and I told him to go ahead and run towards the finish line.

I walked back, waited for my wife & 3 kids. As soon as my youngest (Justin) saw me, he immediately asked me to carry him. And so, I ran with Justin on my shoulders almost all the way to the finish line.

10 meters or so before the finish line. I asked Justin to run along with me. He must have been really tired but still I saw that he is determined to finish the race on his own.

Reaching the finish line, I saw Paolo waiting who finished his 1st race way ahead of us.

My eldest, Nikki. Finishing her first race.

peace out!!!

bilis mommy... punta na tayo sa Mcdo...

Mommy & Johann... finishing their 1st race.

ang bilis ng panahon... ang laki na nila ngayon... wehehehehehe