Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Family That Runs Together, Stays Together...

It's our nth wedding anniversary last May 3, 2009. And what a good way to celebrate by asking my wife & kids to run the "Southern Race ATC Fun Run" with me. Which, by the way is also a good excuse so that my wife will let me run on that day. :)

It was my wife & kids first official race, and also our first as a family.

Although it was just a 3K race for me, seeing my kids being enthusiastic and talking about outrunning each other made it challenging.

Challenging, because I have to make the extra effort of not letting them out of my sight, my wife included. I just told them to stay close as possible.

We woke up at around 4:00am and by 4:45am we were on the road.

We arrived at ATC at least 20 mins before the start of the 10K race. I saw the guys from takbo.ph and exchange hi's & hello's.

There was more time for a little pep talk to my kids. Which I think they did not listen. Hehehehe...

l-r: nikki, justin, jade, johann, paolo

i would just like to remind you to...
please... do not run like crazies at the start...

please... (nagmakaawa bigla... wehehehe)

parang di ko gusto mga tingin nyo...

inside AAV

mudra... 4 yang anak mo.. nsan na yun 2?

After more than 1K, Paolo my eldest son was way ahead of us. I have to leave my wife & 3 kids for the meantime and run ahead to catch up with Paolo.

I caught up with Paolo around 2K and I told him to go ahead and run towards the finish line.

I walked back, waited for my wife & 3 kids. As soon as my youngest (Justin) saw me, he immediately asked me to carry him. And so, I ran with Justin on my shoulders almost all the way to the finish line.

10 meters or so before the finish line. I asked Justin to run along with me. He must have been really tired but still I saw that he is determined to finish the race on his own.

Reaching the finish line, I saw Paolo waiting who finished his 1st race way ahead of us.

My eldest, Nikki. Finishing her first race.

peace out!!!

bilis mommy... punta na tayo sa Mcdo...

Mommy & Johann... finishing their 1st race.

ang bilis ng panahon... ang laki na nila ngayon... wehehehehehe


  1. laveht! ;P happy nth anniv too! grabe im captured by this blog..hehe..

  2. Hey Rod, happy nth anniversary. You have a cool family there. Short but witty account as always. :-)

  3. ROSS!!!
    tenx! =) isa lang ibig sabihin nyan.
    wala ka ginagawa. wehehehehe...
    thanks idol!!! they're always cool basta may suhol na mcdo. =)

  4. Rod, Happy Anniversary and congratulations yo you and the family on the run. Great post and photos! Take care my friend.

  5. WAYNE!!!
    Thanks!!! =) Take care too & God bless!!!

  6. Hello Rod,

    belated happy anniversary! sa bilis ng panahon malamang ganyan na nga sila agad...

  7. ANNA
    Hello, mam! =) now ko lang nakita comment mo. Thanks! See you in future runs.