Monday, May 18, 2009

another "AHA!!!" moment?!?

Yes, just when I thought that I already imparted a crazy idea that could revolutionize runs. Another one came up.

But, I'm still thinking about it if I really have to impart this "next" idea of mine.

It's very close to the HYDRATION TIPS post, that's why I'm still having second thoughts.

Decisions... decisions...


  1. asan na? im waiting! hahaha
    thanks for dropping by kenkoy runner hahaha

    may title na ako sa next entry ko, di ko lang alam kung kelan sha lalabas haha

  2. TIMMY!!!
    wet lang... wala pa ako picture nun item eh. :)
    congrats sa bagong blogspot!!!

  3. Wala bang "clue?" Nakakabitin eh!

    Naks! Bagong layout! may bago ka na naman kinaka-ADIKan! :P

  4. DOC E!!!
    ako nga din naiinip na eh. hehehe.
    yup! i'm trying to make kalikot the layout and learn something new.