Monday, June 22, 2009

My Cuneiform Bone Hurts!!!!

Sounds like a curse doesn't it?

But actually it's one of the foot bones and it's between the Metatarsal Bones and Navicular Bone and... and... I'm having a nosebleed from all these medical bony terms.

Here are pictures from PODIATRYCHANNEL.COM:

No, I'm not going to lecture you about the Parts of the Foot. But the fact that mine is currently hurting as I write this post, made me Google what are the parts of the foot.

And so, I now know the name of that foot part... then what? Why does it hurt?

Is it the way I run? Nope... not the way I run... not sure though...

Is it the way I tie my shoelaces? Nope... I have three running shoes and I tie them always the same way. But the positioning of the holes where the shoelaces go are different in each shoe.

Is it the shoe?
Hmmnn... the cuneiform bone specially on my right foot hurts whenever I use my NB825. And I used it during my "Father's Day Run". Seems like my NB825 is going to retire early.

I guess I have to do another long run with my other running shoes just to be sure.


  1. wow! now i know which part of my foot hurts hehehe its the proximal phalenges! but it hurts not because of running, but due to high uric acid hehehe

    yep, you better try running with your other shoes and see if your foot still hurts. if it does, better have an mri session, just to be safe and sure bro =)

    stay healthy and injury-free bro!

  2. JET
    Nice one, bro! I have to take a second look of the pictures just to know where the proximal phalenges is. =)

    Yep... will try running with my other shoe this weekend.

    thanks & God bless! =)

  3. TIM
    oo nga eh... ipon muna ako. =)

  4. Hi Rod, check out your lacing. I also experience pain on that part of my left foot during the botak42 but after I adjusted my lacing, the pain eventually went out. Baka mahigpit or too loose lang ang grip, try something in between. See you again.

    Vener - run unltd.

  5. VENER
    yup... maybe I should try changing on how I lace my NB825s. When I checked the shoe earlier, I noticed na medyo matigas yun part na tumatama sa cuneiform bone.

    see you in races! thanks! =)

  6. Rod, I agree with Vener. I had somewhat of the same problem with the NB825. What I did was skip one of the holes and everything turned out well. The shoe's a good shoe, definitely better than the NB826.

  7. WAYNE
    i was actually waiting for your comment, since you have an extensive knowledge about NBs. =)

    i'll definitely try to change on how I lace my NB825s.


  8. Rod, cuneiform? Di ba archaic system of writing yan? Ng Mesopotamia ba?

    Anyway, I had midfoot pains too when I tried changing my foot strike from heel strike to forefoot/midfoot strike using motion control shoes. Ayun sobrang sakit.

    I have since ditched the motion control shoes and let go of my obsession about how I should land on my foot. I just run and let my feet do the thinking.

    I hope your concern gets addressed soon.

  9. RICO
    ang galing mo, idol! bigla ako napa-google ah. yup, it's a form of ancient writing using wedge-shaped characters. =)

    and since the foot bone part I mentioned is a wedge shape, they called it cuneiform bone.

    wow! may bago ako natutunan! :D

    anyways... foot strike... yes I did try to change it to forefoot/midfoot during last sunday's run. baka isa din sa reason kung bakit sumakit paa ko.

    i was running alone that time, with no mp3s. kaya ang dami pumapasok sa isip ko.

    tama ka idol.. just run and let the feet do the thinking!

    thanks!!! =)

  10. Look into extremity chiropractic to snap it back into alignment,, the bones, or step on a baseball and hear it pop back in.......let me know if anything else works...........

    this pain stinks doesn't it.........