Monday, January 25, 2010

My BDM Test Run Experience

Last Saturday, January 23, 2010 70 runners joined the “Test Run” for the second serving of BDM (Bataan Death March) 102.
KM0, Mariveles, Bataan (01/23/2010)

It was a mix of seasoned and newbie ultrarunners. And though it was just a “Test Run”, the atmosphere at KM0 post in Mariveles, Bataan was more festive than some of the races I’ve joined.

As you may have read stories of the "Test Run" from other runner bloggers, I would just like to share with you what worked for me and what I've learned from this experience.

What Worked For Me:

Walk / Jog the Uphills

wow!!! flat!!!

Run the downhills

Run / Brisk walk the flats

Enjoy the view

dun kami galing!!!

Minimize breaks

Keep heart rate in check

Eat a chocolate bar every 10Km

Hydrate and eat banana at every support group stops

Sing... well LSS actually to MJs Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. Nice power song eh?

Lessons Learned:

Get enough sleep at least two days prior to D-Day

Train… Hills… Train… Hills… Train... Hills...

I’ve never used petroleum jelly before… now I think it’s a must especially if you plan to run long distances

Use sun block

Wear sunglasses

need I say more???

Be extra alert… especially when crossing the streets.

Respect the distance.

Although we have a support group that will tend to our needs. We need to be self sufficient as much as possible.

Carry the following:
  • food & hydration
  • extra money
  • cellphone
  • ID
  • List of important contact numbers
  • flashlight
  • first aid kit

Acknowledge the people who will greet you along the way.
Give high fives or thumbs-up signs as they are your unknowing support groups. They will keep you on your feet.

to Gail, Tere, Marga, Angel, Carina... THANK YOU for the SUPER SUPPORT!!!

to Sir Jovie, thank you for organizing this event. Now on for The Real Thing!

special thanks to Carina and Gail for the pics!!!