Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here I Go Again

Exactly 16 days today (May 12) since I last ran. I’ve never been so idle this long.

Rewind to April 29

Annual physical examination time. I was hoping that the Doctor will give me a thumbs up sign that I'm on tiptop shape. Thinking that I'd be healthy since I've been running regularly for 2 years already. Well, I was wrong.

The Doctor checked my BP and it read 170/120. But I kept my fingers crossed as she checked again. But it only confirmed the first BP reading.

After that, I already know what will follow.

Doctor: You have to go to the ER. Your BP is too high.

So, went to the ER I did.

My wife accompanied me to the Makati Medical Center. She filled up the usual documents.

Another Doctor checked me. Then they gave me a medicine to lower down my BP.

After almost an hour of resting, the Doctor checked again my BP. It read 150/100.

Ayos! So I tought.

As I was being given prescriptions, my wife suddenly asks the Doctor.

Wife: Doc, pwede po ba sya tumakbo?

Doctor: ???

Me: ???

Doctor: No strenuous activities until you’re completely checked.

Me: ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

Wife: Wahahahhaha!!!! Di ka makakaalis ng bahay!!!!

Me: Saksakin nyo na lang ako!!!!

Goodbye PAU… =(

I could have ignored the Doctor's orders if I wanted to. I've done it last year when I was checked with a BP of 200/140. And ran my first 42k, 4 weeks later.

Heck, I ran BDM with a systolic level higher than 180. My diastolic, never mind...

But then again, I think this will be the best time to really control my BP. If I really want to run more and live longer. This is the right thing to do.

Tomorrow, I'll return to the hospital to do a series of tests. Including running on a treadmill. Woot!!!

But… I just hope that this will soon be over. I need to run. I already missed the 1st PAU. I'm not going to miss the next one.