Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Thoughts of Races Back Then

It's official... I'll be having two firsts this coming Sunday, July 5, 2009. It will be my first full marathon (42.195kms) and my first MILO run.

As I was told that the route will be the same as last years route, looking at the map somehow brought back childhood memories.

You see, I was born and raised in Baclaran, Paranaque City. In a street named A.Guarra.

A.Guarra, also called Hangganan as it serves as the borderline to Pasay and Paranaque. That is the street where the Max's Baclaran is, and it's very near to The Redemptorist Chruch. Just in case your having problems trying to think, "where the heck is that place???".

Every Sunday, during the late 70's and early 80's when running had its first boom. I always see people running the stretch of Roxas Blvd (I call it Dewey Blvd back then).

But what got stuck in my mind was the race where I saw a lot of MILO banners, flags, water cups...

Back then, I thought that every race was a MILO race.

Back then, I thought that Botak only makes the singlets.

Back then, I thought runners get invites or paid just to run. Perhaps some do get invited and get paid just to run. I'm not still sure though.

Back then, I mock those runners.

Back then, deep inside... I want to join them...

Back then, when I was still in elementary... just for the heck of it... I walked from Baclaran to Luneta and back with my friends.

But this Sunday...

There will be a lot of MILO banners, flags, water cups...

Some other kid will be watching us running the stretch of Roxas Blvd.

Some other kid will think that every race is a MILO race.

Some other kid will think that we runners get invited / paid just to run.

Some other kid will mock us runners.

Some other kid... deep inside him would want to join us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feria Who???



around 10:00PM
-- I was told that there will be no classes tomorrow (06.24.2009) because of a typhoon. Signal #2 was raised all over the Metro.


around 5:00AM
-- Was awaken by our dogs barking. 'Typhoon must have arrived early', I said to myself. Darn it... I need to get some more sleep. We have an LSD tonight...

around 6:30AM
-- That's weird... no rain. Hmnnn...

around 1:00PM
-- I texted mudra... "We have a run tonight". Mudra replied... "There's a typhoon. It will arrive tonight, 8pm.". I texted back... "You scheduled it?"

around 6:45PM
-- Grace told me that she won't be joining the LSD because the typhoon will arrive by 8pm. I guess, Grace and my wife has the same wavelength.

around 7:30PM
-- I was in MOA grounds, waiting for Chelly and Ellen.

around 7:31PM
-- Chelly texted, "we're here na sa parking". Wow! Cono! I said to myself...

around 7:45PM -- Pojie, Gab, Doc Roy, Doc Marvin, BongZ, BongYu, Carina, Cris, Wilnar, Mcoy, Ziggy arrived in MOA grounds (half of the C-loop). They came running starting from KM0. It was their first pit stop. Picture taking... courtesy of Doc Roy.

Doc Roy forgot to turn off his headlights...

walang himala!!!!

around 7:50PM -- emo moment for Ellen.

around 7:59PM -- we started running.

or walking... =)
is that you tron?

around 8:00PM -- It started to drizzle. On time!!!

around 8:05PM -- It stopped... "that's it?", I said to myself

around 8:10PM -- We tried doing the Indian Run courtesy of Cris (Infinity).

An indian run is when a team (soccer, football, baseball, etc.) jogs (in our case, run... ehurm) in a single file line around a playing field. It begins when the last person in line sprints to the front. When that person gets there, the next person at the end of the line sprints to the front of the line. This continues as the line jogs around the field. Very tiring. -- URBANDICTIONARY.COM

around 8:20PM -- Pit Stop (Shell Station, Macapagal Ave.). Picture taking... courtesy of Carina.

cam whores!!!

around 8:30PM -- Started running again going to Uniwide Coastal Mall.

aside from pictures of women, Doc Roy loves to stare at electric meters too...

around 8:40PM
-- Uniwide Coastal Mall area. Picture taking... courtesy of Carina.

Yes, we are...

around 9:10PM -- We're back in MOA grounds. Market/Dampa area. Stretching time, by Cris. Pictures, by Carina & Doc Roy.

it was pitch black in that area. Doc Roy sacrificed not joining the stretching routine just to light our path. Very thoughtful!

Doc, lo-batt na headlights? =)

around 9:20PM -- started running again. But I have to stop in MOA. Checking on my watch, I'll be home by 1AM if I ran back with them to KM0 and join them at Gab's YellowCab treat.

KM Zero -- more pics from Doc Roy...

mar & ellen

doc roy & mar

doc marvin


bong yu



And this is what I missed... Gab's treat!!!

YellowCab closed their doors when the guys arrived because the guys were sweating excessively.
The guys took the scooters instead...

about 10:45pm -- i read a text by Grace... "Where's Feria?!?!? I should have joined the run...". I texted back... "Feria who???". Apparently, Feria was the name of the storm. Nyerks...

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Cuneiform Bone Hurts!!!!

Sounds like a curse doesn't it?

But actually it's one of the foot bones and it's between the Metatarsal Bones and Navicular Bone and... and... I'm having a nosebleed from all these medical bony terms.

Here are pictures from PODIATRYCHANNEL.COM:

No, I'm not going to lecture you about the Parts of the Foot. But the fact that mine is currently hurting as I write this post, made me Google what are the parts of the foot.

And so, I now know the name of that foot part... then what? Why does it hurt?

Is it the way I run? Nope... not the way I run... not sure though...

Is it the way I tie my shoelaces? Nope... I have three running shoes and I tie them always the same way. But the positioning of the holes where the shoelaces go are different in each shoe.

Is it the shoe?
Hmmnn... the cuneiform bone specially on my right foot hurts whenever I use my NB825. And I used it during my "Father's Day Run". Seems like my NB825 is going to retire early.

I guess I have to do another long run with my other running shoes just to be sure.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just hope that i'm wrong about this...

Is it beginning to set in?

Have you seen the weekend race schedules lately?

2-4 weekend races on the same day?

It's becoming a very lucrative business.

And the funny thing is, it seems like they're masking it by adding some sort of fund raising for this... fund raising for that...

Don't get me wrong, I support fund raising events.


Why divide the runners?

Why schedule an event on the same day?

Why not give way to an event whose schedule was finalized way ahead of yours?

Why not support the other race and vice-versa?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

M.O.V.E. Manila Run 09 update

Here's an update for the M.O.V.E Manila Run 09

Dra Melissa Zamuco-Mercado e-mailed me this singlet design. Thanks, Doc! =)

For more details about M.O.V.E. Manila Run 09, click me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Finish Time is off?!? WHYYYYYY!!!!!

OA naman 'to... tahan na... I'll try to explain why.

See my finish time in Condura? It says, 2:31.29. But when the official time results came out it said 2:30.17. What gives?

This past week, I interviewed (naks! ganun level na!) one of the guys (let's call him JR) who installs those timers that we see in the start/finish line area.

According to JR, the discrepancy (sometimes missing) between the timers and the official time is due to the following factors...

  1. the timer in the start/finish line area is not synchronized with the time in the computer where the database of runners names are stored.
  2. although they synchronize the timer and the computer when the race starts, eventually they will be out-of-sync during the race.
  3. if clickers were used during the race. the person whose task is to click, did not click at the right moment when the runner steps into the finish line.
  4. if clickers were used during the race. the person forgot to click, period.
  5. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib misplaced your number.
  6. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib dropped your number & placed it next to the number of the runner that was behind you moments ago.

Now, JR said it's hard to get the accurate time. The most accurate time we can get is when we use those sophisticated Timing Chips. It records your time once you step out of the starting line and stop once you reach the finish line. And since its sophisticated, be ready to shell out more for the registration.

Me, I don't really rely on those timers. I just use my watch's timer; that I start once I step out of the starting line and stop once I reach the finish line. Just like the Timing Chip, only manual. And besides, I'll just be running. And for me, to finish the race is more important, time is secondary.

Okay ka na? O sya, takbo pa...

Why do I Run?


I love not just the finish line, but the trip along the way
It makes me feel free
I've got energy to burn
I need energy
It's my anti-depresant
I hope my children will
I hope my wife will
I need an excuse to eat
Stopping would hurt so much more than a blister or a broken toenail
Walking takes too long and I have things I need to get done
My personal best is just that: mine
Others can't
It's a good kind of sore
It makes the pavement feel needed
There are a lot worse addictions out there
There's no better way to explore a city or enjoy the scenery
I "just felt running"
There's no drug like adrenaline
I'll never know how far I can go unless I try
The pavement doesn't complain when you pound it
It takes all I've got, but gives back more
I can

Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank-Yous & Feeling Weird

First up...

It's my 1st year in running and I would like to thank the people who influenced / guided / helped me directly or indirectly in more ways than one.

  1. to my officemate (can't name her yet) who invited me to run on a treadmill (Fitness First, Ayala) and eventually making me sign up for the Mizuno Run 2008.
  2. to my current boss (can't name him. sorry) who pointed me to this particular website where I can get the list of race schedules in the Philippines. Btw... my boss is a New York Marathon finisher ('nuff said!).
  3. to ms. jaymie (TheBullRunner.Com). Your blog, opened up the world of running to me. Without it, I would have been stuck to that 1 race.
  4. to Happy Feet family (impromptu_runners@yahoogroups.com). For accepting a newbie runner like me and pointing me to the right direction. Haven't really had the chance to know most of the members though. But in time, I will know all the faces behind the nicknames. =)
  5. to Jinoe & Que (TAKBO.PH). For the running family that you've created, the friendship and fun times. And if not for you, I wouldn't have joined the blog bandwagon.
  6. to Mar (Pojie) for being mr. congeniality of the takbo.ph family. And, if it wasn't for your pushing. Running would have been boring. uy! rhyme!!! =)
  7. to Pao, Migz, Rico, Doc Topher, Carlo, Luis, Neil, Rachel, Gab... for the ride to and from the races. good times mga pre & mre!!! =)
  8. to Doc Eric, Mhel for welcoming us to their homes.
  9. to Chelly, Ross, Lau and all the takbo.ph indays for keeping the boys grounded.
  10. to Natz, Ronald, Timmy, Bong, David, Mark, Doc Roy, Pat, Dhenz, Sherwin, Marvin, Rodel, Sam and all the takbo.ph dudungs for keeping the girls insane.
  11. to BaldRunner (Sir Jovie), SFRunner (Wayne), RunnerForChrist (Ronnie), RunningShield (Patrick), JazzRunner (Rene) and all runner/bloggers for the stories that inspires and help old and newbie runners alike.
  12. and last, but definitely not the least... to my wife Jade and kids Nikki, Paolo, Johann, Justin. For the understanding and support specially when there's a sunday race. Daddy needs to run, it's my only vice. =) mommy.. may nakita ako magandang running shoes... (small letters talaga para di gaanong halata) =)


It felt weird running yesterday at the Mizuno Infinity Run. A year has passed since I ran my first race. Ang bilis ng panahon... And I was going to run bandit since I wasn't able to register. I don't want to miss this race... bandit or not, because it's my anniversary run.

kayo na ang mag-lagay ng caption dito... =)

Then a perfect anniversary gift was handed to me by Gab. A free 5K bib!!! =) I will not be running as bandit anymore.

Then it hit me...

Dude, you're suppose to run 15k on this race remember? Think.. think... think... AHA!!! I'll just wear the 5k bib, but still run the 15k route. Happyness!!!

And what about your PR, aber? You're right... think... think... think... think... Forget the PR then... I'd still run the 15K.

And you think the marshalls wouldn't notice? ano beh... tatakbo lang naman eh... uy!!! rhyme na naman!!! =)

Actually, the marshalls did notice. On the way up to the Kalayaan fly-over, they were already looking at me.

And on the turn-around point in Bautista where runners was suppose to get a string. I totally forgot that I was wearing the 5k bib.

I grabbed the white string... then the lady shouted... "Naka pink ka!!!" I shouted back... "Alam ko!!!"

I slowed down when I reached the water station near RCBC tower. Looked at the booth... checked-out the person manning it... AHA!!! She looks confused... then I grabbed a cup of a very sweeeeeeeeeettttt gatorade. I didn't know that gatorade comes in aratiris flavor. napangiwi ako... serious!!! Good thing I have my hydration belt with VitWater, you know?!?

Nearing the finish line... I was still contemplating whether to log-in as a finisher. But when I saw the clock for the 5k; and it said 56mins. I told myself... that, will look ugly on the race results. So I just detoured and run at the sidewalk near the finish line instead and looked at the 15k clock and it said 1hr35mins.

Not bad for a supposedly bandit, who ran a 15k on a 5k bib...

It still felt weird though... must be a sophomore thing. But in a good way... =)

the aftermath...

goodtimes... =)

thanks doc marvs (nuttybunny4) for the pics! =)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hydration Tips for Race Organizers (Part 2)

I would like to thank EIRE and an ANONYMOUS friend for this. Their comments gave me the push to make a follow up on my "Hydration Tips for Race Organizers" post.

Eire commented...
"i mentioned in my blog about the ie8 run about pieces of plastic cups strewn about, and how i don't feel so good about that. well, i was thinking, with this idea of yours, once you're done with your water, you can just tuck the empty plastic bag in your pocket or what-have-you, and throw it properly later :D also, plastic bags can carry much more water than cups :P i'm sold to the idea :D"

Sabi nga ni Kris Aquino... "kuuuuurrrek!!!"

In the few races I've joined, I always look at the plastic cups scattered on the road and tell myself... "delikado yun ah!"

I mean, the used cups were scattered and the road is wet. Whenever I get water from the stations, I always slow down. Not because I wont be able to get water if I don't slow down. But because I might step on the cups scattered and I might end up lying on the floor. Angfanget 'di ba? And ang kalat!


I also saw few races where wet sponges were used to cool-off the runners...
I say, drop it... save the money... use the iced water instead.

Nakakapagod din pala mag-blog...

But for the love of running, here's my idea on how to make this work.

1. Organizers should invest on at least 3 large plastic ice tub coolers per water station. This will be a one time investment and can/will be used on other races.

2. Prepare the "iced water" to be (because it's not yet cold) a day before the race.

3. On race day, at least 1 hour before gun start. Put in position the ice tubs. Fill half of it with "iced water". Then cover it with ice. The water should be cold by the time the runners reach the water stations.


Ultra ba? Do the Tarahumara!

Posting the "The Painful Truth?!?", led me to more internet searching about the Tarahumara tribe.

From WIKI:
"The Tarahumaras' word for themselves, Raramuri, means "runners on foot" in their native tongue according to some early ethnographers like Norwegian Carl Lumholtz, though this interpretation has not been fully agreed upon. With widely dispersed settlements, these people developed a tradition of long-distance running for intervillage communication and transportation. The long-distance running tradition also has ceremonial and competitive aspects. Often, male runners kick wooden balls as they run in "foot throwing" competitions, and females use a stick and hoop. The foot throwing races are relays where the balls are kicked by the runners and relayed to the next runner while teammates run ahead to the next relay point. These races can last anywhere from a few hours for a short race to a couple of days without a break. The Tarahumara also practice persistence hunting, using their ability to run extremely long distances (sometimes as far as 160km) to catch animals such as deer; the animals eventually tire and slow down, and the Tarahumara get close enough to the animal to kill it."

"This is the perfect time of year for runners. Not too hot and not too cold for a jog around the block, or to lace up and hit the trails. The more adventurous amongst us train for marathons. Yet even 26.2 miles is just a warm-up for the Tarahumara Indians. Members of the tribe run hundreds of miles at a time across the jagged terrain of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, without injury or exhaustion or fancy running shoes."

"What Can The Tarahumara Indians Tell Us About The Importance Of Running Long Distances?
The simple answer: A LOT! If you’d like some clarification on just how much though, read on. From a Lehigh University term paper on Ultra Marathon Running comes a bit of information. The Tarahumara live in a rather rugged mountainous area with deep canyons, making travel by wagon and horseback difficult or impossible. That means foot travel is the mode of transportation. But why walk when you can run?"

"The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico are one of the few tribes in the world that live well into their hundreds. Another amazing feature of this tribe is that they are well known to be incredible distance runners. In fact, they are able to run more than 100 miles at a time, even in the 60s! In the 1993 Leadville ultramarathon, the winner was a 55 year old man from the Tarahumara tribe.

What’s even more amazing is that they don’t even wear shoes. They simply run in sandals that are attached to the feet by a few simple pieces of leather. And the best part – the runners in this tribe are almost all injury free! So what’s their secret? How can they run so long, in such heat, while only wearing sandals and being?"

There's a lot more in the net to learn about the Tarahumara tribe and all I can say is...

Hindi pa pala ako adik... mas matindi ang mga ito...

Ultra ba? Do the Tarahumara! Uy, Rhyme!!! =)

The Painful Truth?!?

I was toying with the idea running with slippers or even on barefoot. I already saw a few people running barefoot in races. Looking at them run seems so graceful yet so painful.

But searching the internet for answers if running with slippers or barefoot is okay, yield me a surprising find...

Here's an excerpt:

"Then there's the secretive Tarahumara tribe, the best long-distance runners in the world. These are a people who live in basic conditions in Mexico, often in caves without running water, and run with only strips of old tyre or leather thongs strapped to the bottom of their feet. They are virtually barefoot.

Come race day, the Tarahumara don't train. They don't stretch or warm up. They just stroll to the starting line, laughing and bantering, and then go for it, ultra-running for two full days, sometimes covering over 300 miles, non-stop. For the fun of it. One of them recently came first in a prestigious 100-mile race wearing nothing but a toga and sandals. He was 57 years old.

When it comes to preparation, the Tarahumara prefer more of a Mardi Gras approach. In terms of diet, lifestyle and training technique, they're a track coach's nightmare. They drink like New Year's Eve is a weekly event, tossing back enough corn-based beer and homemade tequila brewed from rattlesnake corpses to floor an army.

Unlike their Western counterparts, the Tarahumara don't replenish their bodies with electrolyte-rich sports drinks. They don't rebuild between workouts with protein bars; in fact, they barely eat any protein at all, living on little more than ground corn spiced up by their favourite delicacy, barbecued mouse.

How come they're not crippled?

I've watched them climb sheer cliffs with no visible support on nothing more than an hour's sleep and a stomach full of pinto beans. It's as if a clerical error entered the stats in the wrong columns. Shouldn't we, the ones with state-of-the-art running shoes and custom-made orthotics, have the zero casualty rate, and the Tarahumara, who run far more, on far rockier terrain, in shoes that barely qualify as shoes, be constantly hospitalised?"


For the complete article, CLICK THIS!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Want to lose weight, fast?

Sometime 2003, I tried doing a "Cleansing Diet" that made me lose 50lbs in 2 weeks.

What's on the menu?

The 1st week...

No beef, pork, fish, chicken & anything cooked. Only fresh vegetables, fruits and lots of water. And water should be the alkaline kind.

A word of caution though if you want to try this. Don't mix vegetables with fruits in one sitting. I mean, if you'll have vegetables for breakfast, just eat vegetables. If you'll have fruits for lunch, just eat fruits. Why? Because fruits are easier to digest than vegetables and you might not want to confuse your system. But, you can eat as many fruits & vegetables you want.

How about the seeds? Yes, if you think you can eat it the seeds then go ahead. Tip#1: Eat seeds like a bird. Tip#2: Love your blender.

Drink lots of water too.

First two days in this diet was easy. The third day I was having headaches because of withdrawal symptoms. On the fourth & fifth day, I was already losing weight.

The real challenge here was the 2nd week.

No veggies. No fruits. Only WATER.

The drastic drop in weight was really evident. Although it felt good losing weight, my skin was dry and I look sick.

I've never done it again. I don't recommend it. I just want to share it with you.

I stay away from oily, fatty foods and try to eat healthy. I still eat what I like, I eat what I want. Better di ba?

Don't starve yourself. Me? I'd rather eat. I'd rather run.

Want to lose weight? Takbo tayo!