Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Finish Time is off?!? WHYYYYYY!!!!!

OA naman 'to... tahan na... I'll try to explain why.

See my finish time in Condura? It says, 2:31.29. But when the official time results came out it said 2:30.17. What gives?

This past week, I interviewed (naks! ganun level na!) one of the guys (let's call him JR) who installs those timers that we see in the start/finish line area.

According to JR, the discrepancy (sometimes missing) between the timers and the official time is due to the following factors...

  1. the timer in the start/finish line area is not synchronized with the time in the computer where the database of runners names are stored.
  2. although they synchronize the timer and the computer when the race starts, eventually they will be out-of-sync during the race.
  3. if clickers were used during the race. the person whose task is to click, did not click at the right moment when the runner steps into the finish line.
  4. if clickers were used during the race. the person forgot to click, period.
  5. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib misplaced your number.
  6. the person who collects the barcodes from the bib dropped your number & placed it next to the number of the runner that was behind you moments ago.

Now, JR said it's hard to get the accurate time. The most accurate time we can get is when we use those sophisticated Timing Chips. It records your time once you step out of the starting line and stop once you reach the finish line. And since its sophisticated, be ready to shell out more for the registration.

Me, I don't really rely on those timers. I just use my watch's timer; that I start once I step out of the starting line and stop once I reach the finish line. Just like the Timing Chip, only manual. And besides, I'll just be running. And for me, to finish the race is more important, time is secondary.

Okay ka na? O sya, takbo pa...


  1. so ang tanong ko ngayon eh, kelan mo ko bibigyan ng high tech na timex watch? hehehe

  2. TIMMY
    adik! hehehehe! pag-usapan natin yan. =)

  3. ahhhh! ganun pala yun!.....teka, basahin ko ulit.... :)

  4. Hi Rod. Unless there's a race where there's chip timing or a race that doesn't have a lot of numbers, what you experienced happens time and time again. The Bay To Breakers (30,000-40,000) had that until they went to chip timing three years ago.

    I don't put a lot into it unless I was trying to qualify for, let's say a Boston Marathon or whatever. However, it would be nice if what you had on your watch and the finish time in results would be a lot closer. I heard some of the results were off by as much as four to five minutes. I don't think that is acceptible.

    Have a good weekend

  5. DAVID
    meyksalatopsensba? =)

  6. WAYNe
    Wow! 30,000 - 40,000 runners without chip timing? That must have been a race organizers nightmare.

    Yup, I guess you're right. Since I haven't joined a qualifying race, time is not that important for me yet.

    Keep running! Stay Happy! =)

  7. Hi Rod. It should be important to you and to all the runners and I'm defending you and all the runners on this. Part of the entry fee is to insure that you get an accurate time. I've run enough races to know when something isn't right and have weeded out the races here that don't deliver.

    The recent races need reviewing because the organizers have done this more than once. I didn't have any problem in Rio's VSO race (the time was off by one second) and the New Balance Race (Garmin had the same time).

    I'm pretty sure when I return to the Phils (January very likely), the Mizuno Race and hopefully, the Condura Run won't have any problems with this issue.

  8. hi rod, like you, i also rely on what my hrm watch tells me. at least right now that i'm in the stage of building mileage.

    and the input of wayne is a challenge to all race organizers to be accurate in reporting our finish times, since most may be running way too hard to beat a record, only to be disappointed upon learning the official results.

    btw, i like your "join us iamninoy", care to share it? how did you do it? will be happy to have it in my blog as well. =)

  9. WAYNE
    Again, you're right on this one. Race organizers should insure that runners get an accurate time with or without the chip timing.

    I'll try to be more vigilant on my next races.

    Speaking of next races, I'll be joining the PTAA run tomorrow in U.P. and I'll start checking the timers there.

    Thanks! Take care my friend. =)

  10. JET
    wala pa kse ako pang bili ng Garmin. hehehehe

    the iamninoy moving image? i created it starting with the old trusty PAINT program. made a file of each image, then use GICKR website to combine the images and make it a gif file.

    just right-click the image, then click COPY IMAGE LOCATION, then paste it in your blog. =)

  11. Naks, ibang level ah interview? Lol! Seriously though, I enjoyed reading this. Good job man. And the I am ninoy gif is the shiz. Haha.


  12. LUIS
    yup.. ibang level na tyo. heeheee!

    about the iamninoy gif... though i'm not much of a ninoy fan, it's the cause and the shirt i'm attracted to. i hope the gif attracts more people to join the cause. =)

  13. I apologise for the difference in your time in the condura race. We wanted to have a timing chip available for the race but it is too costly.
    Base on our discussion with Rudy b. Of race. A runner would have to pay at least P2000. For the chip and when he finish the race he has to return back the chip so we can refund him around P1500.00 so in short he only pays P500.00 to join the race. Most runners cannot afford to shell out 2000 in spite that they will be refunded 1500. But nevertheless this will not stop us in improving the condura race. Thank you for your comment and we will take note of this in the future races. Thank you again. – Patrick concepcion / runningshield

  14. agree ako sa last statement mo, Rod! Its only time. What's important is you enjoy the run. If clicking your own watch will do the trick, eh di ok na rin siguro yun.

    no worries, sir. as i said, runners should be ready to shell out more if we are to use chips. and you're right about not all runners can afford to shell out the additional fee.
    thanks too for listening to the needs of other runners.

    good luck on the next condura run!

    see you in future races.

  16. MIKE
    korek, bro! =) maybe if we're elite (i wish) runners na, saka natin pansinin ang time. =)