Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just hope that i'm wrong about this...

Is it beginning to set in?

Have you seen the weekend race schedules lately?

2-4 weekend races on the same day?

It's becoming a very lucrative business.

And the funny thing is, it seems like they're masking it by adding some sort of fund raising for this... fund raising for that...

Don't get me wrong, I support fund raising events.


Why divide the runners?

Why schedule an event on the same day?

Why not give way to an event whose schedule was finalized way ahead of yours?

Why not support the other race and vice-versa?


  1. Hi Rod. I saw the same thing in the U.S. in the 80s. There would be one race scheduled well in advance. Then about 10 days to two weeks before the scheduled race, another race would appear. Eventually what may happen is one of the races will start losing money after a race or two and drop out.

    The good thing is that the Philrunners Website is a good tool for race organizers to follow. Perhaps, not all of the organizers know that exists.

    Good luck this weekend if you're racing!

  2. Nice point Rod. I think it's okay to schedule an event in the same day as long as the place is far from each other, but doing this thing let's say both in Taguig City is not a good sight. Why they (Organizers) compete with one another?
    God bless and good site.

  3. I could not say the you are right on this issue but I agree with your point Rod... But in some cases, I still agree on the races conducted at the same time but not at the same place. Like in my case, I am not really up to UP races because its kinda far from me. So incase there are races in UP, I immediately consider other races that are coming up in case.

  4. WAYNE
    I just hope that this doesn't become a trend. The same day but different races that is near to each other.
    I won't be joining a race this weekend. But, I'll do a Father's Day run on my own. =)

    Thanks for the Philrunners Website tip! =)

    If the race is really, really far from each other I think it's okay for a same day race event.
    Thanks for dropping by! =)

    Bro, like what I said. It's okay if it's really, really far from each other.
    Also, we runners have different reasons why we join races.
    Personally, I join races not just for the sake of joining and to mingle with our other runner friends. I primarily join races because I want to help. I join races because of worthy cause.
    It just saddens me when there are races held on the same day, near to each other and its for a worthy cause.

    Thanks for sharing your view, bro!

    God bless! =)

  5. yeah, i observed that one too. last may 31, there's earth run in mckinley hills, ie8 in nearby global city, and i think another running event in UP.

    then this coming jun28, gig run and botak, both in UP.

    while i understand that there's unity in diversity, i still believe in the power of synergy, where results are better whenever resources are used effectively and efficiently.

    btw, i finally installed the iamninoy animated logo. thanks bro!

  6. JET
    natumbok mo bro! =)

    just saw the iamninoy in your blog. it looks better in a dark background. =)

    see you in races. if ever i wont be able to join in the milo race, i'll be one of the support people from