Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feria Who???



around 10:00PM
-- I was told that there will be no classes tomorrow (06.24.2009) because of a typhoon. Signal #2 was raised all over the Metro.


around 5:00AM
-- Was awaken by our dogs barking. 'Typhoon must have arrived early', I said to myself. Darn it... I need to get some more sleep. We have an LSD tonight...

around 6:30AM
-- That's weird... no rain. Hmnnn...

around 1:00PM
-- I texted mudra... "We have a run tonight". Mudra replied... "There's a typhoon. It will arrive tonight, 8pm.". I texted back... "You scheduled it?"

around 6:45PM
-- Grace told me that she won't be joining the LSD because the typhoon will arrive by 8pm. I guess, Grace and my wife has the same wavelength.

around 7:30PM
-- I was in MOA grounds, waiting for Chelly and Ellen.

around 7:31PM
-- Chelly texted, "we're here na sa parking". Wow! Cono! I said to myself...

around 7:45PM -- Pojie, Gab, Doc Roy, Doc Marvin, BongZ, BongYu, Carina, Cris, Wilnar, Mcoy, Ziggy arrived in MOA grounds (half of the C-loop). They came running starting from KM0. It was their first pit stop. Picture taking... courtesy of Doc Roy.

Doc Roy forgot to turn off his headlights...

walang himala!!!!

around 7:50PM -- emo moment for Ellen.

around 7:59PM -- we started running.

or walking... =)
is that you tron?

around 8:00PM -- It started to drizzle. On time!!!

around 8:05PM -- It stopped... "that's it?", I said to myself

around 8:10PM -- We tried doing the Indian Run courtesy of Cris (Infinity).

An indian run is when a team (soccer, football, baseball, etc.) jogs (in our case, run... ehurm) in a single file line around a playing field. It begins when the last person in line sprints to the front. When that person gets there, the next person at the end of the line sprints to the front of the line. This continues as the line jogs around the field. Very tiring. -- URBANDICTIONARY.COM

around 8:20PM -- Pit Stop (Shell Station, Macapagal Ave.). Picture taking... courtesy of Carina.

cam whores!!!

around 8:30PM -- Started running again going to Uniwide Coastal Mall.

aside from pictures of women, Doc Roy loves to stare at electric meters too...

around 8:40PM
-- Uniwide Coastal Mall area. Picture taking... courtesy of Carina.

Yes, we are...

around 9:10PM -- We're back in MOA grounds. Market/Dampa area. Stretching time, by Cris. Pictures, by Carina & Doc Roy.

it was pitch black in that area. Doc Roy sacrificed not joining the stretching routine just to light our path. Very thoughtful!

Doc, lo-batt na headlights? =)

around 9:20PM -- started running again. But I have to stop in MOA. Checking on my watch, I'll be home by 1AM if I ran back with them to KM0 and join them at Gab's YellowCab treat.

KM Zero -- more pics from Doc Roy...

mar & ellen

doc roy & mar

doc marvin


bong yu



And this is what I missed... Gab's treat!!!

YellowCab closed their doors when the guys arrived because the guys were sweating excessively.
The guys took the scooters instead...

about 10:45pm -- i read a text by Grace... "Where's Feria?!?!? I should have joined the run...". I texted back... "Feria who???". Apparently, Feria was the name of the storm. Nyerks...


  1. i read a text by Grace... "Where's Feria?!?!? I should have joined the run...".- favorite line ko to. sana ako din nag run :) hehehe pero nag run na ko ng umaga with my elixir :) nice naman :) mabilis lang mag init, di tulad ni elixir :) pero ok naman sha :)

  2. Very nice narrative Rod, one of your best yet. The quality of your posts as well as the layout is continuously improving. In short- YOU ROCK my friend, keep up the terrific work. :)


  3. Greetings Rod Runner!

    You and your congregation's resolve in running amidst a meteorological disturbance is worthy praise.

    Run Long and Prosper!

  4. wow! new layout! uso ba ito?

    yup, feria made a shoulder fake and made me miss my tempo this morning. will make up tomorrow.

    hey, i work in moa. hope i can join you guys in your next run in the area.

  5. TIMMY
    the whole time I was thinking, "Wrong sent siguro". wehehehehe

  6. LUIS
    thanks, bro.

    it's either, "there's always something new to learn everyday" or "i'm just O.C.". =)

  7. The Collective
    can I call you TC instead? is doc roy one of your subjects? or wilnar perhaps?

    yes, we are trying to go where no one (i think) have gone before. and that's running in the darkest part of Uniwide Mall.

    Na-Nu, Na-Nu! Kay-O!

  8. JET
    i'm just O.C. about the blog layout. experimenting on it for hours.

    feria did made a shoulder fake and missed manila. but it sure did charged in the visayas. =(

    i'll give you my number sa SB. regular route ko is MOA. =)

  9. I texted mudra... "We have a run tonight". Mudra replied... "There's a typhoon. It will arrive tonight, 8pm.". I texted back... "You scheduled it?"

    Heto favorite ko...panalo! :P Sana makasama rin ako sa mga takbo nyo...teka...takbo...lakad pa lang kaya ko...sya, maybe next year :P

    eire :)

  10. Idol ka talaga ROD!!!! napatawa mo na naman ako!! Magaling! Magaling! No need to ask me if nakita ko na bagong blog entry mo ha! Eto na po, nagcocomment na... Ganda! ganda ko sa pic! hahaha... Charing!

  11. EIRE
    wenner! sama ka na... may mga slow paced runners (ayaw patawag na walkers kse) din naman. =)

  12. CHELLY
    bakit ka natawa? serious post ito neh. =D

  13. Rod, like your new setup! I'm working on an overhaul to mine.

    Really good post and photos! Take care my friend.

  14. WAYNE
    thanks! glad you liked it. i'm just experimenting on available blog templates from the net. there are others that are really, really good.

    goodluck on the overhaul! =) take care!

  15. Hi Rod,

    Thanks for greeting me this morning! I told Jun, it's Rod and I was right.

    When you saw me, I was trying to catch up with them after the hilly part na favorite nila while ako hate ko naman yun. Hehehe...That C5 ext is our regular practice route, we will be there again tom as we did not sign up in GIG/JAL run.

    Will you be racing tom? Good luck! See you again soon.

    Happy running!

  16. Nice entry, Rod!! Great text-to-image ratio. Talagang masaya tumakbo as a group, especially in crazy places....hahaha! More power, Rod!!

  17. Nothing Could Really stop you right????
    Galing-galing nyo Rod!

  18. MIKE
    pwede bang pang-career? hehehe

  19. RODEL
    tol! hehehe... mga walang magawa eh. bwehjehehe