Friday, May 15, 2009

Hydration Tips for Race Organizers

An "AHA!!!" moment came up to me the other day.

While reading different running blogs about their not so great experience during BOTAK PAA-RUSA... este BOTAK PAA-TIBAYAN race. I asked myself, how the *#!& does these race organizers compute how much they would spend on the hydration of a race???

BALDRUNNER gave me a very clear idea about it in his blog post. Thanks, General!!!

But maybe, some race organizers feel like not really spending for the runners hydration.


What if I tell you that my "AHA!!!" moment will cost race organizers less than 2,000 petot per 500 runners?

What if I tell you that my "AHA!!!" moment has a very PINOY feel into it?

Will you give me a hug if and when you see me? :)

Okay.. enough with the suspense... pati ako na-e-excite...

Kids... I present to you the good old fashioned yet very effective...


it's iced tubig, you know???

Don't laugh... I'm serious about it.

If you saw me carrying an Iced Tubig during that race, you might have traded your I-pod for it.

Okay then, maybe not.

I'll just slow down and wait for you to collapse. And then I'll get your I-pod... and your shoes... =)

Just kidding...

But think about it. This will save you the hassle of pouring water on cups during races. Less mess. You just have to half fill them with water before the race. Position them at water stations before the race starts. Water you get from wherever, we runners don't care.

But then again you have sponsors for these, right? You can even put Gatorade or PowerAde or Rush or VitWater, you know?!?

And you just have to fill half of it, so that it will be easy to hold. And light enough to throw at them hecklers.

The only problem is the te-ma-arts.

te-ma-arts: Ewwwww... what's that? You think i'll drink from that yucky plastic tubig?
rod.runner: Ay lech... dagukan kita diyan eh.

Now for the computation. Get your pens & papers... this will get intense.

Let's make an example based on a full marathon which will need 20 water stations.

So if you have the following:

num_of_runners = 500
num_of_stations = 20

cost_of_plastic = P10/100 pcs
cost_of_plastic = P0.1 per piece (based on Aling Loleng's tindahan sa corner)

num_of_container = num_of_runners * num_of_stations
num_of_container = 500 * 20
num_of_container = 10,000

total_cost = num_of_container * cost_of_plastic
total_cost = 10,000 * P0.1
total_cost = P1,000

See?!? P1,000 lang!!!

How many registrants does it take to come up with P1,000?!?!

But please, if in case this will be considered. Don't put Iced Tubig in the freebies.

Okay now... where's my hug? *tissue please... nosebleed*


  1. brader rossger, dis is a nayz ija,(idea) with all the cost cutting these race organizers are doing, this is a very good, and ecomonical alternative i might say (tignan mo anong ginawa mo sakin, napa nose bleed straight english na naman tuloy akoW). anyways, as i was saying, this is a nice idea. i think you guys should make a test run of this experiment tomorrow in your LSD to tagaytay and laguna. i want this well documented and well-blogged afterwards to that we baguioW peeps can benefit from this finding. hahaha

    APIR adiK! hahaha

  2. THIS is highly possible to do, and i think would be very effective. Anybody could run with an ICED TUBIG. Malamig pa! :)

  3. Nice one, Rod. Haha. Adik ka talaga...Akala ko ba di ka numbers guy? Bakit meron ka pang computation? Pero wenner yang computation mo ha! Ayus!

  4. TIMMY!!!
    parang german lang ah. wehehehe! parang gusto ko ipa-patent yang ICED TUBIG na yan. =)

    i really think this will be effective. based on experience, mahirap tumakbo ng may hawak na baso. at mas maraming spills pag baso ang hawak.

  5. RICO!!!
    ewan ko ba, idol. hindi naman ako nag-register nun pero affected ako sa nangyari.
    parang nakaka-eng-eng yung ginawa nun organizer eh. ang simple eh.

  6. galing mo adik! yan ba nagagawa ng pag-aadik? mas nakakaisip ng tama?? hehehe... let's drink to that! iced tubig ha! :-)

  7. Rod, ayos hahahaha dapat ikaw ung hinire ng Botak! So... when will we organize this Ice Tubig run hehe?


    nice race name pare. ICE TUBIG RUN!!!

  9. JINOE!!!
    wenner di ba? dpat mag-think outside the plastic bag. este box... =)

  10. Galing! Tama! This is a veru bright, innovative idea. I experienced running with a glass of water last sunday.. ang hirap.. takes a lot of time.. Kudos to you!

    hello there!!! i'm glad you liked the idea. next step na lang is if the race organizers are willing to embrace it.

    thanks for visiting! =)

  12. Rod, this is good! I wish some race organizers here would take the time and read this post. No problem where I raced last Sunday!

  13. WAYNE
    i know it's a crazy idea. but it will work.
    if organizers will take time reading this post and ask questions about it. i'll be more than glad to answer.

    God bless! =)

  14. Great idea! Crazy, but great!

  15. hi, rod, eire here :) just read this post of yours...yeah, it's a good idea...i don't drink my water fast and i don't like stopping rin naman to drink...last sunday at the ie8 (my 2nd race, so i still don't quite know what to expect from races), i got a cup of water from the water stations and i had a really hard time running and drinking at the same time without spilling my water :P this might just work! (ayan, di ako kasama sa mga te-maarts ha!) :P

    eire :)

  16. oh another thing...i mentioned in my blog about the ie8 run about pieces of plastic cups strewn about, and how i don't feel so good about that. well, i was thinking, with this idea of yours, once you're done with your water, you can just tuck the empty plastic bag in your pocket or what-have-you, and throw it properly later :D also, plastic bags can carry much more water than cups :P i'm sold to the idea :D

  17. Good idea, will mention this to the GIGRUN people. Thanks for sharing.

  18. EIRE
    nice! hahaha... i'm just kidding with the te-maarts. (sana wala nga) =) i'm glad you're sold with the idea. and yup, mas madaling ibulsa ito kesa plastic cups.

    actually, delikado ang cups pag natapakan. disgrasya pa ang aabutin.

    maraming salamat po! =)

    GOD BLESS!!!