Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Meant To Be (my BDM 160 Ultramarathon experience)

February 25
My wife woke me around 6AM. She thought that I will be traveling to Bataan early for the BDM 160 race.
Prepared my things for the race. Double checked everything (so I thought).
Reached Bataan around 5PM.

February 26
Taped my feet as I planned to not wear socks... (bad move)

Km 0
As usual, Team Boring was early at the starting line.

Having a grand time with the same faces we met last year at the BDM 102.

Forgot to stretch!!!
Race started at 5:45AM. The halimaws went for it...
Me, Poj, Doc T, Gab, & Doc Abe paced with the rest of the runners who maintained a slow pace.

Around Km4
Tapes at the back of my foot started to fall off. Doc T, told me that it's already bleeding.

Around Km10
Re-taped my foot. Wore socks. Called up my wife to update.
Drank Gatorade blue. Tried to put cap back on... my cellphone... =p

Did not rest long at pit stops. Grabbed cups of fruit cocktail and continued to run/walk.

Still strong at this stage. Team was on time based on our agreed pace.
Ate, hydrated & charged my Garmin.

Re-taped my foot. Sir Jovie, asked me if I was alright. And I said I'm still good.
Did not changed shoes,socks & shirt.
Team took off again at the 8th hour of the race.

Felt muscle strain on my left foot. Rested for a bit while the rest of the team took off.
Edwin suggested that I change shoes. I lost 30mins during this rest.

Medics were behind me. I asked if I was the last runner and they said yes.

Another runner passed by me. So much for being the last runner.

Got Gatorade from the support. But after a few meters, the pain from my left foot became unbearable.

Thoughts popped up...
Me1: "I know I can do this..."
Me2: "Yes, but you could die."
Me3: "Wag naman die."
Me4: "O sya, sige lumpo lang."
Me5: "Di ako pwede malumpo, kailangan ko pumasok sa office bukas."
Me6: "Ayos! So ano desisyon mo? Malumpo, mamatay, o makapasok sa office bukas?"
Me7: "Next year ko na babalikan yang Buckle na yan..."
Me8: "Di mo na sinagot yung tanong..."

So with that... I signaled the medics that I'm quitting the race.

Texted Cindy to inform Sir Jovie that I DNF'd at Km69.

Did I cry at Km69? Hell no!

Sa ibang kilometer na ko umiyak! =p


  1. hahaha crybaby!
    well ako din naman :P
    pero tama, next year kasama mo pa rin ako sa pagkuha mo ng buckle na yan..or better, ibili kita ng buckle na may nakalagay na "FROM MASTER WITH LOVE"..dapat suotin mo palagi un ha? wabyu papi!

  2. yaakkkk!!! hmmnnn.. pwede yung may running lights? =p

  3. Good to see you amongst them there. Dami sa SM niyan. LOL

  4. Vener
    it was good to see you and xty. salamat sa pics, idol. =)

    hahanapin ko sa SM yan. hehehe.