Monday, August 8, 2011

21K Barefoot Run

It was one of my plans to run barefoot on a race. But I never thought that I'd be doing it on a 21K race.

Rewind AUGUST 6, 2011
Slept around 11PM only to be awaken at 2AM (Aug 7) by the sound of rain outside of our window. Was already thinking of not going to the race, then I remembered that I have to give a 5K bib to a friend. So I set my alarm clock to 4AM.

AUGUST 7, 2011
At 4AM, I hurriedly took a shower, changed clothes, grabbed my bag and drove going to BGC. Halfway of my travel, I randomly checked the things I'll be needing for the race.

BIB, checked. TEAM BORING shirt, checked. SOCKS, checked, RUNNING SHORTS, checked. SHOES... !@#!#%$%%^!*@^

buti na lang tangaaaaaa!!!

Should I go back to get my shoes or just go to BGC and DNS the run. If I go back to get my shoes, I'll definitely be late for the race. And I'll be late in giving my friend his 5K bib. @#!$^@%!@*^!)(*@

Decisions... decisions...

I decided not to get my shoes and will decide if I'd run or not once I get to BGC.

And as luck would have it, the road going to the parking lot near Fitness First was already blocked from traffic. I was forced to follow the flow of vehicles being guided by the race marshalls.

As soon as I got to park, the 21K race started. Good thing I was able to find my friend and give the 5K race bib.

The 10K runners were starting to pile up on the starting line. So I have to inch my way to start my 21K race.

On the onset of my run, I was already thinking that I might not finish the distance since the longest I ran barefoot was only about 5K. Only 5K and it gave me blisters.

I was able to catch up with Jet at the 4K mark. I told Jet, that if I feel something wrong then I would stop.

But when we were about to go up the Kalayaan flyover, I said to myself... "Kaya ko to, konti na lang. Kalahati na lang"

Then this guy comes up from behind and asked...

Mr: "Uy! Barefoot ka hanggang matapos? Pang-ilang beses mo na yan?"

Rod: "Pangalawa na po."

Mr: "Ahhh.. kaya mo yan. Makakatapos ka."

Sorry Mr., but I lied. That was my first time to run barefoot longer than 5K. I told you that it was my second just so I won't get an "a-che-che" reaction.


Jet and I did not try to run the stretch of Kalayaan flyover. You see, the asphalt on that area was so rough I can't even do my power walk.

So when we got down from the flyover, we started to jog. Blisters were already brewing, but walking only makes it more painful.

When Jet heed to the "call of nature". I told him that I would be doing power walk and to just catch up with me.

But when I crossed the intersection of Ayala and Buendia, I felt energized. So I started to run. I ran up to the U-turn before the train tracks and back again to the direction of the Kalayaan flyover.

If my calculations were correct, I spent 20+ minutes on that stretch. Can't do power walk. Can't do longer stride. Pain was unbearable at that point and was thinking of quitting. I was thinking of just going straight to the finish line. But then again, that would still be a long painful walk. So again I decided to run.

It's there were I met my new best friend... "CL", the "center line".

ayos sa planking!!!

Those CLs are smooth. And although I can still feel the pain, I'd run on one of those CLs anytime compared to the asphalts of the BGC area.

Last 50m to the finish line. I saw the time reading 2:46:50. So I dashed towards the finish line. Stepped on the mat while looking at the clock read 2:47:00.

That's when I felt all the pain. Team Boring team mates where giving high fives and were smiling (or laughing).


And while I was walking towards the hydration booth to get a Gatorade. I felt something wet on my shins. When I looked down, I saw the blister on the middle of my 4th & 5th toe squirting fluid. Then I fainted...

No, joke lang. I did not faint. I just cancelled the idea of going to the hydration booth and just go to my car.

I was so wasted that when I sat on my car, I never ever want to stand up.

Will I do it again? Yes, I will. But not on a 21K distance. Just thinking of running barefoot atop Kalayaan flyover still gives me the shivers...


  1. Instant barefoot runner! Way to go, Makisig! Congratulations for not giving up and reaching the finish line! You should meet "Ultimate" Barefoot Runner.

  2. Tamara

    Hmmmmmmmmmm thanks.....!!! =D

  3. RD

    uy! hehehe... yeah! sayang ang effort if mag DNF eh. I mean, it's not that looooong of a distance naman. different level of mind game nga lang. =)

  4. haha, like it, patatagan ng talampakan.

  5. Henry
    yes boss, patatagan nga! :)