Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm doing this in a rush...

I have to cancel my run tonight in MOA.
Sorry to those who was going to run with me, doctors orders.
We had our annual PE in our office and I was checked earlier with a BP of 170/110.
Yes, high in any standards. And she gave me a med to take to "lower down" my BP.

I went back this afternoon to the doctor and again checked my BP.


My veggies...

I've been here before... and i'm doing it again... this is my so called battle... and with God's grace I know I will come out triumphant!

And after these challenges subsides... i'll see you all in the starting line...


  1. oist! bawal ka tumakbo? well, pano ba yan? di ka na pwede pumunta para tumakbo, support crew na lang muna? awww, pakyew!

    wag ka mag alala, pwede pa naman tayo sa kalokohan eh, dapat lang may HRM ka or something para ma mowneytowr ang mga kasukasuhan mo hehehe ;)

    we'll mess rannehng wed youw but we ken steal heng eywt, yew knew?

    apir! adik!


  2. Rod, ako rin high blood paminsan-minsan dahil sa mga kakainis na tao. Normal most of the time but pressure will shoot up to 170/90 pag galit. Hehe. Running actually helped me remove the blood pressure concerns. Mas happy at tolerant na ako ngayon :-) Stay healthy.

  3. Rest muna, God's grace you will be back in shape and running again.

    Patience muna, this time. :)

    Grab ka na lang din muna ng mga new pics! :)

  4. TIMMY
    Wla pa naman sinabi na totally bawal. Manghihina ako nyan pag walang activities.

    Yan din sinabi ko sa doctors. I told them na baka HB ako dahil 3 days na ako hindi nakakatakbo. =)

    Yup, konting rest lang siguro ito. I'll still run, moderate nga lang.