Monday, April 13, 2009

Ano ang english ng... NAPASUBO?

I want to sleep... Darn TIGER GATORADE... epektib!!!

I ran an easy 5K earlier tonight at the MOA loop. Trying to shake off the pain from my right knee. I sprint on every second block of the MOA area and I think I did good. The pain in my knee is gone. I'll wait until tomorrow if the pain will really be gone.

I have to push myself running in pain, because i'll be running my second 21k for the year. adik?

Adik nga siguro...

As I just planned to run one 21K for the year and that was for the Condura Run.

Last week, I talked to Grace (an officemate, hi grace!) if they'll be running on Greenfields. She said yes, and they'll be running for free. FREE!!! since one of our brands is a sponsor. At syempre, dahil adik nga... I asked if there's a free slot left where I can join. She asked the people in the know and got back to me. She said one of the runners (officemate din) might not join the race. And will be passing the singlet & bib to me!!!


Grace told me that it will just be for the 5K race. And I told her that it's okay for me to run 5K. I'll just run some more if bitin pa. yabang noh?

Then earlier today in the office. Grace called me up and said that a slot for me was approved and I was listed to run in the 21k. ayot!!!


My veggies. I know I can run and finish this. But my plan is to run just a single 21K for the year...

Napasubo ata ako...



  1. Rod, ang ingles yata ng napasubo ay bit o swallowed. Haha. Kaya kagatin at lunukin na yang 21K. Kayang-kaya iyan. :-)

  2. yan kasi, nag aadik ka eh :) haha APIR!

  3. ang ingles ng subo ay: in mey mewth, eyn deyn, yew well swelew et, o spet, so ang next entr dapat eh, spit or swallow? ADIK! APIR!

  4. mmmm....ano nga ba..? kaya ka "napasubo" kasi "gutom" ka...kaya ang english nun....."thirsty".!!!