Monday, August 17, 2009

ITBS vs Me

ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) has been plaguing me for weeks. But looking back, I think it started when I joined my first LSD with Takbo.Ph last March 2009. Although I felt the ITBS pain after the run, I was more concerned then with my shin splints. Maybe its because I don't know what ITBS was back then, I just ignored it.

But after hearing ITBS from fellow runners , , and . And having searched the Net for what it was. I suddenly had this understanding of what not to do to avoid ITBS.

Then came our Km0 to Km56 LSD last August 2, 2009. Now for me, the consequence of doing an LSD is that it will give you more pain than running an official race or even doing a bandit. Why so? Because in an LSD, your running space is limited to the sides of the road which is most of the time uneven.

What I didn't expect that night was the symptoms of ITBS around KM30. I tried to walk/jog it off upto the next pit stop at WalterMart Dasmarinas, Cavite. But when we started running again, the pain was so unbearable I have to tap-out around KM33-KM34.

ITBS - 1, RodRunn3r - 0

After that LSD, I was already thinking of downgrading my KROUR from 15K to 5K. You know, just to not aggravate the injury. But then again, I already promised to pace some Takbo.Ph peeps specifically , , & . And since it's chikka pace and 's 15K target is 2hrs30mins, bahala na si Lord.

KROUR raceday... I was at the race site around 5:30pm. No, it's not the excitement. It just so happens that I have work that day and the office closed at around 4:30pm. Since I have my running gear with me, I just decided to go to the race site early to mingle with my friends and to have my gait analyzed at as well.

5mins before the 15K gunstart. , and was with me at the starting pen. But soon after the gunstart was fired, was the only one I was pacing. As soon as we made our first turn, I checked out on . then told me that was pacing her and she said she will be alright.

And so I concentrated on being 's pacer, for this was her first 15K. was also pacing with me upto Bayani Road near Heritage park. Somewhere along the way, suddenly upped his pace. I don't know why... but it seems like he saw . Ehurm...

Once inside the Heritage Park Cemetery, there was this eerie kind of feeling as almost all suddenly went silent. And what a good place and timing for my ITBS symptoms to re-appear.

And so there I was, running on the most flat surface area of the route. Trying to avoid the banks and gutters. It was ME against the ITBS once again. And I'm not going to let it stop me from finishing this race.

I tried everything to keep my mind off from the pain. From playing with my bracelet, to pushing , to saying "Hi" to every I know, to dousing myself with , everything...

Nearing the last 1K was already telling me that she can't run anymore. Adik?!? Konti na lang eh, ngayon pa nag-inarte??? And so I pushed her some more. From targeting , to targeting the last station, to targeting the 3 intersections, to the last corner, to the last corner, to the finish line...

As we turned towards the finish line, I saw the timer at 2 hrs 00 mins 42 secs. So I pushed even more... I told her, "Wag na natin paabutin ng 2:01 yun timer". And with all what was left on 's strength, she raced with me towards the finish line. And we crossed it under 2:01...

After making sure that was okay. I ran back to check on . And was able to join/pace her together with , , , , , at the last hydration station (Essensa).

Approximately 500M to the finish line, I chanced upon a runner hobbling near the sidewalk. I slowed down a bit and checked to see if she was okay. I never got the chance to introduce myself to her... baka sabihin gumagamit ako ng pick-up line... Instead, I tried talking to her about the race, about looking for an even surface to run on, about the stupid who keeps on at our back. When made a sign at the last turn, I ran towards to join/pace her with the group upto the finish.

We formed a shape nearing the finish line and let cross the line on her own because it was her FINISH...

ITBS - 1, RodRunn3r - 1


  1. bro, very amusing... nag-inarte pa ba? hehehe congrats to juliepie =)

  2. daddyo! ang galing ng story mow! :) bakit ndi mo na lang nilagay ung larawan nung kung ano man ung nakita ko wahahahaha :) meron naman larawang galing kay marvs, i blurr mo na lang at baka huntingin pa ako sa mga susunod na patakbuhan. hahaha

    at least now, eh tied na si rowd rahneer and si eyeteebee :) heheheh

    kelan ang susunod na pagtutuos? hehehe

  3. Iloveyou! Very nice, Coach Rod! Your unidentified girl is a coachee of my coach, Arvin, I think her name is Chat or something from Ftiness First. Will fwd her this blog.

  4. Parang funny komiks! Mukha kasing kenkoy yung mga characters. Extra pa si Casper. Hahahaha.


  5. I-pace mo rin ako sa susunod na takbo para lamang ka na sa ITBS :-)

  6. Rosgar! haha! Nakakatuwa ang iyong salaysay! At meron pang mga peektyurs namin! Salamat sa pagpace nyo sa amin, lalo na sa may sementeryo. Buti na lang at bibit ko si Boy Bawang, yan ang iaalok ko pag lumabas si Casper!

  7. Tay! ayot talaga sa pag-gawa ng blog.. buti na lang at nagbalik ka :) apir!

    Sana nek tym ako naman i-pace mo tay! :D

  8. Sabi mo nga parang kang tatay nung ni-pace mo ako so makikiTay na din ako hahah para anak mo kami nina Chelly and Tim .. Unang-una maraming-maraming salamat sa pasensyang ibinigay mo sa akin habang ako ay iyong nipace, d ko akalain na makakatakbo ako ng diredirestso ng ganun kahaba.... i like nagiinarte, maarte talaga ako e hahah... pangalwa, salamat kasi matino ang picture ko sa blog mo ;) pangatlo, salamat sa mga payo at pagtulak (push) hahah mo na matapos ko ung race... ang haba naman ng speech ko ahhehe... MARAMING SALAMAT!!! and grabe naaliw ako sa blog mo ha! *tambling*

  9. Jet
    sabi nga ni kris aquino... kuuuurrrrrrrekkkkkk!!! =D

  10. Tim
    tenks! =D

    adik.... wag na natin lagay yun pic. kahit i-blurr ko yun. atalats na kung sino. hehehe

    binalikan ko nga pala si marga nun ah. dapat pala lamang na ako ng .5

    anyways... sa QCIM or SIM ang sunod na pagtutuos namin. =D

  11. Margababes
    hehehe... thanks! yes please, paki-forward itong blog. =D

  12. Neil
    umnn... what's funny komiks? ehem... =D

  13. Chelly

  14. Dyule
    isa lang masasabi ko... *tambling*

  15. Ayos! Galing ng kuwento at lay-out! :-)

  16. Ang hirap siguro gawin tong blog post na to hahaha! Pahinga ka muna rod baka lumala ITB mo.

  17. i LOVE this blog entry, rod! :D galing!! sarap basahin! :D keep it up :D

  18. Sam
    wala lang magawa. =D
    yup, pahinga ko muna ito. thanks!

  19. Doc Iris
    thanks... nakakahilo gawin. =D