Friday, October 9, 2009


It's was a crazy work load handed to me about a month ago. So crazy that I wasn't able to join the peeps on their LSD's and "secret training". But boy, how time flies... and I need to de-stress.

It's October and there's a lot of quality races to join. Here's when and where you'll see me. Running and/or Volunteering.

Let's start with...

The RESCUE RUN ( on 10/10 ... it's actually not a race. But it's a benefit run for the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Might run 10K. =D

Next is the MILO National Finals on 10/11. I'll be volunteering this time. Good luck to all runners!

Then there's Quezon City International Marathon on 10/18. I'll be running 21K. Woot!

And the 2nd Subic International Marathon on 10/24 to 10/25. I'll be running 42K here. Ehurm...

And Shake, Rattle & Run on 10/30. Haven't listed for this race though. But it sure looks like a lot of fun.

Octoberfest talaga! Parang gusto ko tuloy ng beer. San Mig below zero please!!!


  1. Vener
    yup! marami! time to step up na din para maka 1000K ako for 2009. =D

    it was nice seeing you & xty sa milo finals.

  2. hmmm... parang gusto ko rin hehehe

  3. ROD! Magaling na??? Habol ka bukas??? :(