Thursday, October 22, 2009

Running Sick?

It seems like it's the season for flu again. I'm still recuperating from one. I'll miss running the SIM 42K because of it.

No, I'm not making up an excuse. I'm just listening to my body... and my wife...

Saturday, October 17
I was already feeling that I might have a cold. Being a hard-head, I told myself. "Kung ano man sakit ka, tanggal ka pag tinakbo kita bukas". As that is what I usually do.

I slept early... around 7pm, only to be awaken at 9pm by voices of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. After that, lutang na ako. I wasn't able to sleep straight. And it didn't help that I had an LSS of "When you say nothing at all"...

Sunday, October 18 @ 2AM
As I have prepared all the things I need the day before. I just took a quick shower, dressed up then headed to our meeting place.

I met Gab in Paranaque, then we fetched Cindy from her apartment in Makati. And before 4am we were already waiting for our gun start in front of QC City Hall.

I positioned myself with the 2:45 pacers Neil & Carina. As I only intend to finish the race and if an improved PR comes then good.

When the race started, I felt strong that I was able to surge ahead from the 2:45 pacers. I was running on my comfortable pace.

Up until the turn-around point of the 21k runners. My energy suddenly went down. It didn't help that my ITB showed up. So I walked-jogged-ran-walk the whole stretch of Commonwealth going back to the QC Circle.

Reaching the QC Circle, I thought that I was near the finish line. Only to be reminded that there's the stretch of North Edsa to conquer too.

After finishing the race, I was already hobbling. The pain from the ITB is far more greater than the pain from my throat.

When I reached home, my wife was already preparing lunch. Strange, but I wasn't really hungry. I knew I need to eat something. I just felt weak.

Then my wife told me, "bakit parang ayaw mo ng pagkain mo? umiiling ka pa?".

Actually I liked the food, and I wasn't shaking my head. She just saw me wincing because my throat hurts whenever I swallow.

Then my wife told me, "subukan mo pa tumakbo sa isang linggo ha?"

I told her... "I will not run next sunday"...

Then I told myself... "Saturday naman yun SIM eh.."

Wehehehehehe.... Naahhh... won't happen. I'll skip the SIM too. =(

My next race will be the PIM. Hopefully run the 42K. If not, then I'll just join the relay for Team Logan.

Will I ever try to run sick again? Probably... If the pain is from the neck up, kaya pa siguro. But if the pain is from the neck down... that's a different story.


  1. Good choice for you not to have run sick. I DID at SIM. And I backed out in the first hour of my run. Never again. Next time I will always listen to my body... Huwag pilitin kapag hindi kaya :D

  2. Gigi

    Thanks for visiting! See you at races! =D

    Keep on running!