Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gone Na'vi

Na'vi what?

From the movie AVATAR, The Na'vi are a race of sentient extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabit the lush jungle moon of Pandora. Humans are known to refer to them as "Blues", "Savages" or "the locals".

About an hour ago I have no idea what a Na'vi is if it wasn't for Tim. Thanks bro!

But let's not talk about the movie... I haven't seen it yet.

Here's why the name Na'vi came up.

hello... my name is Na'vi
orig price: P5,495.00

I bought the shoe... err, Na'vi yesterday. While lurking at shoutbox, I followed a conversation regarding a shoe store in Makati selling Nike Lunarglide+ for 3K+.

As I'm not a fan of overpriced shoes, I thought "wow, 40% off!!!". I searched for the shoe store's number and gave them a call. I inquired about the shoe and the sales lady told me that it's their last pair for men's. I asked about the size... lo and behold it's 10.5!!! woot!!! My size!!!

I used my afternoon break time to check out the shoe. Reached the store, immediately tried them on, paid for it, then zoom back to the office.

Haven't break in Na'vi yet. But checking on reviews by Vener, Sam and Natz, I know I made a steal. =D

Now, where can I get a compression tights that has the same colors...


  1. nice na'vi! welcome to planet earth hehehe

  2. The beginning of setting PR times now begins! Congrats pare!

  3. Jet / Sam / Julie / Rene
    Thanks!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  4. wow! Na'vi i like! waaaaaaaaaaaah san ba yang tindahan na yan?! huhuhuhu bat yung akin original price... hmmmmm madali problema mo, Tay bili ka ng pang kulay hehehe