Friday, December 18, 2009

Traffic Sucks!!!

Earlier, I planned to use my lunch break to go to Glorietta to check and possibly buy a shoe to replace my worn out leather shoes.

At exactly 12PM, I went out of the office and rode a jeepney going towards Glorietta. But as luck would have it, there was traffic on the entire 2.5km route. And I wasted 40mins of my lunch break in traffic!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Alas, I wasn't able to buy a shoe. Instead I made a quick dash to the grocery and bought chocolates to calm me down.

Only 10mins before 1PM and I thought that if I again take a jeepney going back the office I might be charged with over-break.

My solution... Walk and take the short cut back. Besides, I can include this as part of my heat training.

But how short was it? 1.3Kms and it only took me 13mins to walk back to the office.



  1. chocolate therapy! hay so true! I don't even leave my house coz I'm terrified of being stuck in traffic. =(

  2. Julie, right?

    let's do chocolate therapy this sunday at celebrity run!

  3. Good luck on the Celebrity Run, Guys!! :)


  4. Rosgar! You were wearing your worn out leather shoes for your heat training??? Hmmm. (can i join your choco-therapy?)

  5. wow, that really sucks bro. I also hate it when we get caught in traffic and realize it could be faster if we just run. It defeats the purpose of inventing the automobile, and it's really irritating! aaaahhhh!!!!

  6. kassy
    good luck talaga... hehehehe..

    after the race, there was this 3K runner who got confused and ran the 21K route. nyek...

  7. Rachel
    yup... i was wearing my leather shoes that day. hehehe!

    tara! chocolate therapy party!

  8. Traffic sux talaga, it's so hard to get around nowadays. Yaman ng mga tao dami pangh shopping :)

  9. Luis
    korek! and who says pinoys are poor?