Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my MAYON 360 experience - Part 1

It was my first time to visit Albay. And if it weren't for Boo's constant prodding and help in acquiring my plane ticket and hotel accommodation, I would have skipped this event again.

APRIL 20, 2012
Our scheduled flight from Manila to Legaspi City was at 6:30AM. I set my cellphones alarm to 4:00AM just as not to be late for my flight. And as usual, I woke up even before the alarm went off. But it was a good thing since I slept early the night before and I still have enough time to check and pack the things I'll be needing for the race on Saturday.

I was already on the road. I took a jeepney instead of a taxi since it was still early and there was no traffic... or so I thought. When I reached the corner of Tambo and MIA road to transfer to another jeep, I noticed that the vehicles were moving on almost snail's pace going to the direction of Terminal 2. And so I decided to walk towards the airport terminal instead. Talk about an early warm-up.
sa erflen with boo & vivs

We started boarding. There was no delay or hassle whatsoever. 

Singit lang... Hey PHILIPPINE AIRLINES! You still haven't refunded the double booking that your faulty online system charged!!!

The weather was somewhat weird when our airplane was nearing Legaspi. At first it was sunny, then it became gloomy, then it became sunny, then gloomy-sunny-gloomy-sunny-gloomy until we reached the Legaspi Airport.

It was drizzling when the airplane landed in Legaspi. We weren't able to see Mt Mayon, but a rainbow welcomed us instead.

It was huge!

Welcome to LEGASPI!!! (sorry, nakaharang ang erflen)

itutuloy... pag sinipag... =P


  1. we were probably on the same flight. Lakas ng ulan when I got to Legazpi. Took a taxi. 150 ang chinarge sa akin.

  2. Please answer my airlines survey below! I need it for research I'm doing for school. Thanks!