Monday, July 6, 2009

My First 42K Experience (33rd MILO MARATHON)

07.05.2009 - D Day

Around 2AM...
- awaken by my alarm clock
- tried calling Timmy to wake him up. No answer. Texted him instead.
- double checked all the things I need for this marathon
  • hammer gels / power bar (thanks pat!)
  • powerade
  • atm card
  • ID
  • health card (just in case something happens)
  • some cash for food & transport
  • singlet / race bib
  • garmin 101 (thanks marga)
- what was I thinking... the plan was to run only 5K races after the Condura Run. I'm messing up my own schedule.

Around 3:30AM...
- arrived at McDo UN Avenue. I was the first to arrive at the meeting place.
- Pojie arrived 15 mins later.
- ordered breakfast.
- this is it... no turning back.

Around 4:20AM...
- Bong Z, Ellen, MCoy, Doc Roy and Wilnar arrives.

- Race started on-time.
- So on-time that me, Pojie, Doc Roy and Wilnar was positioned at the back of the 42K runners pack.

1st Km...
- Pojie and Wilnar upped their tempo.
- I was still trying to have the GF101 locate a signal.
- Doc Roy, still having problems putting his race bib number.

2nd-5th Km...
- Upped my tempo a bit, as I was trying to follow my set pace for 4hrs.
- Caught up Rico along KM2.
- Paced with Pojie along KM4 when he told me to go ahead.

6th-8th Km...
- Still on my target pace for 4hrs.
- Caught up Ziggy and Sam.
- Saw Sir Jovie, team Bald Runner, Vener, Wilnar, Chris running back towards Gil Puyat going to Taguig area.
- Those guys are fast!

9th-11th Km...
- Still on my target pace for 4hrs.
- Took half of the hammer gel. Too sweet... Good thing that there was a water station.

12th-21st Km...
- Still on my target pace for 4hrs.
- Passed by Gil Puyat support station.
- Did not stop to get anything as I was still very much hydrated.
- Took a shower from the firetruck along Gil Puyat Ave/Pasong Tamo.
- Wrong move... my shoes and socks got wet and it felt weird running.
- Passed by Kalayaan support station. Got water and banana.

Ziggy & Me

- Saw Wilnar and Chris already going back to Kalayaan Flyover.

22nd-27th Km...
- Already lagging on my target pace for 4hrs, still on target for 5hrs.
- Changed my socks along Bayani road. Reserved socks also got wet from the firetruck shower.
- Saw Stephen, Sam, Ronnie (RunnerForChrist), Aries and Natz' father.
- RJ (X59), one of the bike support for asked me if I needed anything. I told him I'm still okay and pointed at the direction of Natz' father. Asked RJ to assist Natz' father instead.
- I still have the energy to move, but to run is a different question.
- My feet and knees were already hurting.

- Stopped at the Kalayaan support station. Got water and banana. support station, kalayaan fly-over

running sideways?

- Was struggling to run. Tried power walking instead.
- Ran with Rico and pacer Migz the stretch of Buendia.
- Was assisted by Patrick up to the Buendia support station where Timmy took over from him.

Patrick, bike support

- Got the iced towel from the support group and spray of water mists. Thank you! support station, gil puyat

37thKM-Finish Line
- Timmy paced (walked with) me.
- Saw Roselle (RunningDiva) along Baywalk
- Saw Grace and Ten waiting for us in front of Aristocrat restaurant.
- Grace commented that I look fat. It's the singlet! Waaaahhhhh....
- Nearing KM0, I was wondering where Pojie is, because I left him at the Kalayaan flyover.
- All of a sudden Pojie showed up behind us. Good timing, pre!!! Thinking about it, whenever we run on a same race. Pojie and I finishes almost at the same time.

McChicken please!

- Nearing the finish line, the guys were already cheering us to make a dash for it. I don't know if you can call it a dash, it seems more like a crawl to me.
- I wasn't able to hit my finish time with my set paces. But I was happy that I was able to hit my goal and that is to finish my first full marathon.

- Took pictures with idol Vener. Met Xty!

with Vener (RunUnlmtd)

- Then asked Neil (CrashNBurn) if I can borrow his MTB so that I can go back to check on Doc Roy & Sam.
- Biking along the baywalk area I saw Drs Eric & Pinky... "ang sweet!!!"
- Then I saw Natz' dad, then Aries with Bong Z as his pacer.
- Then I saw this lady "runner" and asked her, "kaya pa?". And she gave me a two thumbs up sign.
- Said to myself, "she's faster than Doc Roy & Sam?".
- Reached CCP area... I saw Doc Roy & Sam with support bikers Ronald, RJ & Carmen. I told them the runners who I saw ahead of them. When Ronald told me that he saw "runner" ride a bus along RCBC tower in Gil Puyat Makati.
- We just thought that "runner" parked her car somewhere near CCP.
- Ronald pushing Doc Roy & Sam to keep moving since there's only less than 3kms left near the finish line.

- Ronald blurted out true words of wisdom...

"tutal masakit din naman katawan nyo bukas... lubus-lubusin nyo na!!!"

And at KM0...

"tama na yan! gutom na ko!"

Classic parekoy!!! =)

* pictures grabbed from MykolAnt, Vener, Edu, Doc Marvin, Argonaut, Josiah. Salamat mga bro! =)

The race was really organized. Hydration was overflowing with Gatorade. More drinking water next time perhaps. Too early for the firetrucks to shower the runners. Maybe next time, firetrucks should be placed at least 5Kms before the finish line. But still, hats off to you Mr Rudy B for a well organized race.

To the "runner" who took the bus from RCBC, who I saw along Baywalk, whose picture I saw holding a MILO finishers medal... Goodluck to you!!! You are one of the runners I used to admire. You are one of the runners I used to secretly watch over during races.

To all support group (Gil Puyat / Kalayaan), bikers, pacers... I will not mention names as I might forget somebody from the group... but you all know who you are. =)



  1. very good brod, very very good! congratulations, marathoner (naks! apir!) galing mo bro, God bless!

  2. Congratulations Rod! apir din! Good job o d ba ayot pala na ginugulo mo sked mo e hahaha! Next run 100k?? =D *tambling*

    Congrats again!

  3. Galing galing mo, Rod!!! Marathoner ka na, add mo na yan sa profile mo! Pero, ang lakas mo, nag bike ka pa!!

  4. Congratulations Rod. You had the look of determination as I ran with you most of Buendia Avenue. I had the same sentiment as you for the lady runner before the race and now after the race. I hope she corrects the situation. And yes, champion yung quote from Hoff Ronald. He must have made the drudgery of doing those last few kilometers a little less tiresome.

  5. Hi Rod. Congratulations. You're a very determined runner. Great post, great photos and great support that helped you along the way.

    Looking forward to meeting you and everyone in January!

  6. JET
    maraming salamat bro! with God's grace syempre, nakaya natin. =)

    congrats din!


    thanks, doña! thanks din kay don neil! hehehehe =)

    thanks, idol! congrats din! salamat din kay migz who unknowingly paced me din. =)
    ultra na ang next? hehehe

  7. WAYNE
    thanks! =) even if i crawl up to the end. i'm determined to finish the race.

    see you in january 2010!

  8. bro! :) salamat for the honor to pace you for the last supposedly ten k (PERO nabitin ata tayo hehehehe). sayang limb lang ata un, hindi na umabot ung life hehehe ;)it was my honor and privilege (tama ba spelling ko?) to be by your side (and pojie's) upon reaching the finish line :) sayang lang at di ko kinuha ung medal ng pacers ahahaha :)

    sa uulitin!



  9. TIMMY
    salamat, bro! kung wala ka. baka yun na ang pinakamahabang 6Km walk ko. sa uulitin! *mwah* apir!

  10. Very nice post Rod! Gives a light and witty take on the race proper. Naaliw ako dun "Mataba ako" comment. It's the singlet! :P

    And to "the" runner that cheated, took the bus, got the medal. Yes, I know.And yes, I also used to admire your resolve during races. But alas.... sigh.

    Rod, congratulations my friend. WOnderful experience right there. Cheers to you! Pahinga na!!! Celebration!


  11. Nice account, glad...and was so happy to see you as I approach the last few kilometers to the finish. It was so nice of you to wait for me. :) I was really in deep pain - no choice but walk the last few meters to the glorious Finish Line. It is an honor for me to be at par with you for most of our races.

  12. The young kid then had fulfilled his dream. Congratulations Rod, you made it. You have the most anticipating story (for me) prior this race and it was finally revealed. Rest and savor the victory.

  13. Hey Rod,

    Rod Runner talaga! Nice recall of your 42Km race.
    Lakas mo rin pre. Halimaws!

    Next time kaya mo na yang cutoff.



  14. LUIS
    thanks, bro! =)

    pareho na tayong wasak eh. no choice tayo but to walk up to the finish line. we fought a good fight and we were able to achieve our goal. =)

    thanks, idol! nagulat ako nun tinawag mo ko after i received my medal. i asked myself, "ako ba tinatawag ni vener?" then you introduced me to your wife Xty. sorry Xty if hindi ako gaano maka-smile, masakit pa yun tuhod eh. =)
    salamat for sharing words of wisdom. till next race!

    may talent ata ako to recall events pag mataas BP ko eh. hehehe.
    so when kaya kami pwedeng mag-support naman sa 42k mo? =)
    salamat, bro!

  15. Rod-- Congratz on your first full marathon! May you have many more to come!


    thanks! yup, more marathons to come! sana makasama namin kayo sa next full! =)

  17. OMG! Shame on me... super late na ko to comment.. :( but anyway, huli man daw at magaling.. huli pa din! :P Who you talking about? was it lolah ganush? hoemygush! :D

    Congrats! bro... galing mo, 42km at 42?? san ka pa! :P

    hindi ko kilala si lola ganush eh. huhuhuhu

    langya ka 42 ka jan. si doc roy yun eh.