Wednesday, July 1, 2009


As I am too anxious about this Sunday's (07.05.09) MILO Marathon.

I laid out a personal plan on how to conquer my first full marathon.

My plan is to divide the 42.195Km by 5's and finish each 5Kms with a target pace.

If I would be gunning for the 4 hours qualifying race, I hope to do the following:

For seasoned runners, the pace above might seem a bit slow. But since I'm a newbie runner who's planning to venture into the unknown. That's fast.

But, If I would be gunning for the 5 hours elimination, I need to do the following:

Lucky number 7's!!!

Of course the priority is to always AIM HIGH.

And the target will not be achieved alone, as support groups from Takbo.Ph will be on hand that day.

21K runners Timmy, David V, BongZ, Ellen will pace 42K runners on the last 10Km.

Kenkoy Runner Timmy has pledged to offer his life and limb to pace me during the most difficult part of the race. *ang drama ko*

David V will be pacing me as well... as per our FB conversation. *naks*

So, tamang-tama... kayang-kaya nyo ako buhatin nyan. =)

To all 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K, 42K runners this 33rd MILO Marathon...

God bless & good luck to us all!!! =)


  1. Run tall, eyes on the horizon, and yes, aim high.

  2. Nice post Rod! Will do the same strategy on my future marathon.

    But for my 21k debut in this year's Milo, my relative (ata) who commented as anonymous in one of my entries, suggested that I run my usual 16k and zoom all the way in the last 5k, just to meet the cut-off. =)


  3. VENER
    thanks! i'll keep that in mind! =)

    you can try the 7min/km pace. that worked for us during the Condura Race.

  4. Above everything, Rod, Good LUck! May you be able to Finish as planned...well and good and nice!

    Just keep on staying focused...and keep up with the pace as much as possible. Maximum tolerance, Bro!

  5. Bring with you a positive attitude and believe that you can achieve your goal.. Aiming high is indeed the right thing to do..

    To you ROD and all runners! Good Luck and be safe!

  6. SAM
    yup! goodluck to everybody! =)

  7. POJIE
    thanks, bro! dpat focused talaga sa sunday! hopefully masundan ang plano. =)

  8. KR
    thanks, bro! will you be joining?