Friday, July 17, 2009

Rod Runner Signing Off

I don't know what bit me. I suddenly had this feeling that I'm doing too many things too soon and with so little time. =(

And with much regret, this blog will be the first thing I'll drop from my list.

No, I'm not going to delete it. As I might have the urge to write again. And there's too much good memories that I might need from time to time to uplift me.

To Wayne, Rico, Jet, Luis, Cherry, Timmy, Pojie, Neil, Rachel, Vener and to all who somewhat read my blog (i really don't know why, but some do actually read it.)

Thank you guys for accompanying me. Thank you for imparting your thoughts and wisdom.

I am Rod, and I am a Runner. Signing off....


  1. Why signing off??? Don't you want my "non-sense" comments na ba? I'm gonna miss this site... Be back soon! huhuhu...

  2. I understand what you are going thru. Sometimes I think I am juggling too much myself. We will await your return and keep on running!

  3. i understand. and i don't. sometimes we just have this sudden urge to fix things, and realign our lives to what we wanted it to be.

    it would be different without the rod runner blog as this stands out from the rest of the seriously written, "pang impress" type of blogs, but for sure the spirit of the rod runner will still remain. (nandyan ka naman sa YM, FB, text, SB, wag lang naman sanang landline kasi di bagay) hahaha :)

    will miss this bro!

    stopping this blog will not stop our support to the first kenkoy running blog that i really read and comment on almost all the entries :)

    ingats bro!


    ngayon, DISAPIR! :(

  4. First reaction, I was saddened.

    Second thought, YOU must have a very good reason.

    Thinking through, I have no idea why, but Im open to the possibility that I will understand.

    I hope for your come back soon...

  5. sigurado ka 'tol? puede kaya ako pumusta na hindi mo kaya? hehehe =)

    keep on running bro!

  6. Beep! Beep! Why sign off? Well, I did feel the same way at one point in time. :D We all need an inspiration. I hope you'll give time writing your thoughts. But for now will respect your decision. Looking forward when you're ON THE AIR or, ON BLOGOSPHERE again as Makisig Channel?! ;)

    yes... i don't want your "non-sense" comments! wehehehehe

  8. JAY
    thanks for dropping by. btw, i saw you last sunday @ globe run. i was with vener at that time. i was suppose to say "thank you" for the comment. my inferiority complex act up again.

    anyways, if ever you'll read this. THANK YOU! =)

  9. TIMMY / POJ
    burned lang siguro mga bro. although i have stories to tell, i still don't feel like writing yet. taper muna ako from writing. but i'm okay naman. don't worry kenkoy pa din tayo. =)

    ayot! apir!

    ayaw ko pumusta! wehehehe

    thanks! hmmnnn.. makisig channel... hmnnn... =D

  10. Hey! WTF? I just came back from a 1 wk vacation and then I read this? Don't stop this blog! Keep writing funny running stuffs.


  11. no no no dont sign off. just take a break. take it easy get recharge and when you come back you'll be a better writer. most of all pray fo guidance-
    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  12. Hey Rod,

    you were one of the first guys who welcome me in my blog! i dont have a lot in my blogroll.. no need to sign off bro, whatever your reasons are, im sure you'll find strength to balance it all out.

    Always believe, and all will fall into place.


  13. Rod-- i do hope you change your mind about letting this blog go. Sayang naman. Hope you continue your runs though...

  14. You're always in my prayers Rod. Keep on running.The Muse might come again...

  15. Rod, We are still expecting other kulit stuff, like your ice tubig (my favorite)!