Thursday, April 14, 2011

101 SWIM BIKE RUN - The Multisport Series

Year 2008... who would have thought that from running a 10K non-stop on a treadmill, to joining 5K races after and a leap of faith 21K in 2009 would eventually lead me to the crazy-a$$ world of ultra-running by 2010?

And now 2011, another insane sport is knocking on my medulla oblongata (*nosebleed*). And it's not just 1... not 2... but 3 sports! Okay sige na nga... it's a MULTISPORT. As in SWIM, BIKE, RUN!

I'm confident with my BIKE and RUN skills. But with SWIM? Yikes!!! It's not that I can't SWIM. I CAN! But alone!

Well, I guess my fear will be conquered once I attend the...

Look at the class schedule below.

See the list of coaches? Asteeg di ba?

Interested? Want to join?

I still have a problem... I don't have a road or tri bike. And it's not in my list of things to buy anytime soon.

Hope the bikegods of triathlon hears me and drop me one. Okay na kahit hindi carbon. x_X

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