Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Someone asked... "Bro, they said you can run 10K even 15K without hydration? Is this true?"

Here's my answer.

Yes, I can. But I'm not encouraging that you do the same specifically during a race.

I usually do this during training runs so that come race day, when and if water runs out I won't be on panic mode fearing dehydration.

Please do note that during training days, I run on a route where hydration is available. I run where a convenience store is within reach. But I delay the urge of drinking.

I ran the BDM test run with my CamelBak, but I delayed drinking from it. Until Marga stopped me and told me to drink.

But I think the key here is to hydrate before the run. I drink at least 500ml of sports drink before running.

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