Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2nd BDM 102 - Part 1 (The Birth)

March 2, 2010
  • CLP / BDM Support meeting @ North Park, Market Market
  • Doc T was problematic because suddenly they have no support vehicle for the race
  • Doc T's problem was solved as we welcomed and embraced him to our group
The atmosphere was very festive and the participants were very enthusiastic.

see??? enthusiastic kami... =D
(standing: me, pojie, gab)
(sitting: argo, jet, vic partially hidden)
thanks to Doc Marvs for this pic
  • Moved to next door TOSH for a more serious meeting with our group
  • 2 bottles was the order of the Doctor for the night! Hindi pwede uminom si Jet!!!

March 4, 2010
  • BDM 102 CLP & Final Briefing @ Camp Aguinaldo, QC.
  • Original bib # 133 was mistakenly given to someone else. Got a favorite number instead.

thanks to Marky for this pic
  • Went to Rob Galleria after to meet with the group again. You just can't have too many meetings...

March 5, 2010
  • Went with Vic to get the support vehicle
  • Went to grocery to buy additional supplies for the race
March 6, 2010
  • Woke up 5AM to buy ice and stack gatorade, water, pocari
  • Picked-up Gab, Cindy, Pojie, Marky
  • Waited for Vic @ McDo Muñoz
  • Still waiting for Vic @ McDo Muñoz
  • still waiting....
  • and waiting...
  • finally....
  • Picked-up Doc T from his house in Bulacan
Since the travel was loooooonnnnnggggg. The group exchanged stories about the race; the preparation, the hydration, the people. That's how 'bored' we were.

And so... Team Boring was born...

Ang haba noh??? Yun lang pala dahilan kung bakit may Team Boring???

'to be continued...


  1. boring! hehehe =)

    kwento pa!

  2. Suot ko na sa Support Meeting, Suot ko pa sa Main Event. Why is that?

    Hehehe...dress rehearsal run ko kc un. :)

    Nice header, Rod!

  3. Boooooorinnng :p You the man ROsgarrrr :P WOhooo!

  4. You guys were in my prayers. And while I was doing my laundry last Saturday morning, I kept on going outside to check the sun. My prayer was for you guys to reach the finish line unscathed. Congratulations, Makisig! You've done it! So proud of you! ;)

  5. Check and change your profile. You're no longer an aspiring ultra marathon runner but a bonafide ultra marathon runner! Naks! So, what's next? 500 miles?!

  6. Aba,aba...may team boring na??? pwede sumali dito???:-))