Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breaking the Jinx

Just thought of writing this down to break the jinx...

A while ago, I talked to my wife informing her that I'll be home late. Because I have to attend the BDM support group meeting at Market, Market.

As I was about to put the phone down, my wife told me to go home early because I sound sick on the phone. True, I have colds right now. But I still feel okay.

Then my wife goes on telling me the last time I was sick and there was this one race I missed. The race was the SIM last 2009. I was really looking forward to that race last year. And even helped some of my friends to register early just to get the early bird discount.

Now.. here comes the BDM 102 this coming March 6-7. I wont miss this for anything. Good thing that I got the colds this early as I'd be A-Okay by D-Day.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Wish me luck!!!

Or should I say.. WISH US LUCK!!!


  1. waaaahhhh!!!! i'm a bit sick too (pre-race jitters??)

  2. Tim
    Apir!!! You're still going to Bataan after your Sunday race, right? =D

  3. Jet
    pre-race jitters? i have no idea pre. this happened during QCIM and before PIM. parang there's something about me running sa north, as i don't get sick pag sa the fort / bhs or south area ako mag run. =(

  4. Rico
    salamats idol! after BDM, kita-kits sa Globe Run. =)

  5. daddyo, im not racing na on sunday :) hmmm paano nga ba pumunta sa bataan? :) hehehehe if ever, baka dumayo na lang ako? hehehe

  6. don't imbibe it. you'll be fine. and by God's grace you will be fit, fast, and fabulous at the BDM! go go go Rod =)

  7. Tim
    it's easy... kahit sa KM102 post ka na magpunta. =D

  8. Julie

    thanks! actually i'm not thinking about it. i'm not really thinking much about BDM for that matter.

    with God's grace, i'll finish this race. =)

  9. Rod, 1 shot lang ng brandy, tangal na yang sipon mo! Cheers!:-)

  10. Rene
    Boss... yan din nga sabi ng erpat ko eh. =D

    Masubukan nga mamaya... kampai!!!

  11. BDM pala kayo this weekend, mag-ColdEase po, para na rin kayong nakasali sa Unilab run hehehe!

  12. Atom
    thanks bro.. kaso di ako mahilig uminom ng synthetic meds. =D

    see u sa runs!

  13. Vener
    idol! wag mo masyado bilisan para makasabay ako. =D