Friday, March 5, 2010

Am I Real

I was supposed to get bib #133, during the CLP for the 2nd BDM 102. But for some reason, someone else got the number. No worries there as I was given a new number. A very special number. One of my favorites.

214, or Feb 14 is Johann's birthday.

It's also his hospital room number when he was born. (wala lang.. para may masabi lang.. =p)

rock on!!!

It's also the title of a favorite Rivermaya song.

Am I Real...

Well... we'll see after March 7, 2010. =D


  1. rakown! :) see you in manila!
    ingatan mo shades ko ah :) hehehe

  2. 2=B, 1=A, 4=D. You're gonna be a bad a** runner at the BDM, I just know it. go go go =)

  3. you're realer than real! :P good luck, bro! :D

  4. Julie
    i like that! thanks!!! =D

  5. Wowww... BDM, I thought this distance was impossible! I'm even afraid of 21k and you're doing an UltraMarathon.