Friday, March 12, 2010

2nd BDM 102 - Part 2 (Extra Push)

March 6, 2010

We finally arrived at the very posh Villa Imperial. Tried to get some shuteye. But wasn't really able to sleep. I just laid there while trying to keep my mind off with the impending race.

At 6PM, Doc T, Poj, Gab and I went to the nearest church to ask God for guidance and strength for us to finish the race.

Then some photo-ops back at Villa Imperial...

By 8:30PM, we were on our way to KM0 in Mariveles Bataan.

Before our group went down from our vehicle at KM0, Mar and Marky offered prayers for all the participants.

The atmosphere was festive at KM0. I had goose bumps looking at the mix of participants and support crews. It was overwhelming...

big bee staring... scary...

Team Boring!!! Woot!!! peeps!!!
thanks to
Mark Castillo
Brando Losaria
for the pics!!!

While waiting for the race to start, I just felt that something was missing.

Flashlight, check... Garmin, check... Timex watch, check... RoadID, check... Race bib, check...

Weird... I have everything I need for the race.

30 minutes before the gun start, I called up my wife to check on the kids. Then she gave the phone to my youngest, Justin.

Me: Hey... bat gising ka pa?
Justin: Dad, tatakbo ka?
Me: Yup... mag-sleep ka na.
Justin: May medal?
Me: Meron medal...
Justin: Yehey!!! May medal ulit ako!!!

All of a sudden, I felt complete... I felt ready.

That was the one thing missing, that one extra push from Justin.

Something to fuel me to finish this race...

'to be continued...


  1. awww ang sweet naman! go daddy!

  2. sweet naman nun... daddy rod!

  3. Awww. Sweet naman ng kiddies, I guess that's why you had so much emotion going on after you crossed bud. They must be so proud! :)

  4. Dhenz / Yan
    yup... my 4 yr old is that sweet. =D

  5. Tim
    Next year... you can have your own. =D

    Start training na!!! woot!!!

  6. Luis
    You said it bro... =D

    Proud? I'm not sure about that... my wife and the kids were laughing at the way I walk when I got home after the race.

  7. congrats ' tay rod...napadaan lang..bored eh.. (stalker ako)

  8. Nice one, Rod...kinilabutan naman ako dito...I heard that call. Pero little did I know na yun ang missing sayo. Cool, Bro...Just plain cool!

  9. Ellen
    Welcome to Team Boring! hahaha

  10. aaaannnngggg ssssuuuuuwwwwiiiiitttttt!!!!

  11. sweeeeeeeet! di un boring ha? :P it was great being part of your support crew, go Team Boring!

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